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Cooling And Moistening Of The Planetary Boundary Layer In Interior Alaska Due To A Postfire Change In Surface Energy Exchange
Ueyama, M., Yamamori, T., Iwata, H., Harazono, Y.

Journal: Journal Of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, Volume 125 (18): (2020). DOI: 10.1029/2020JD032968 Sites: US-Rpf, US-Uaf

Leaf- and ecosystem-scale photosynthetic parameters for the overstory and understory of boreal forests in interior Alaska
Masahito UEYAMA, Narumi TAHARA, Hirohiko NAGANO, Naoki MAKITA, Hiroki IWATA, Yoshinobu HARAZONO

Photosynthetic parameters are key for predicting the carbon cycle and fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems. In northern high-latitude regions where cold temperatures limit available nitrogen for plants, the photosynthetic parameters are tightly linked with the nitrogen content. Here, we present the leaf- and ecosystem-scale photosynthetic …

Journal: journal of Agricultural Meteorology, Volume 74 (2): 79-86 (2018). DOI: Sites: US-Rpf, US-Uaf

Optimization of a biochemical model with eddy covariance measurements in black spruce forests of Alaska for estimating CO2 fertilization effects
Ueyama, M., Tahara, N., Iwata, H., Euskirchen, E. S., Ikawa, H., Kobayashi, H., Nagano, H., Nakai, T., and Harazono, Y.

Journal: Agric. Forest Meteorol., Volume 222: 98-111 (2016). DOI: Sites: US-Prr, US-Uaf

Effects of water vapor dilution on trace gas flux, and practical correction methods
Harazono, Y., Iwata, H., Sakabe, A., Ueyama, M., Takahashi, K., Nagano, H., Nakai, T., and Kosugi, Y.

Journal: J. Agric. Meteorol., Volume 71: 65-76 (2015). DOI: Sites: US-Uaf

Methane exchange in a poorly-drained black spruce forest over permafrost observed using the eddy covariance technique
Iwata, H., Harazono, Y., Ueyama, M., Sakabe, A., Nagano H., Kosugi, Y., Takahashi, K., and Kim, Y.

Journal: Agric. Forest Meteorol., Volume 214-215: 157-168 (2015). DOI: Sites: US-Uaf

Autumn Warming Reduces The Co2sink Of A Black Spruce Forest In Interior Alaska Based On A Nine-Year Eddy Covariance Measurement
Ueyama, M., Iwata, H., Harazono, Y.

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 20 (4): 1161-1173 (2014). DOI: doi:10.1111/gcb.12434 Sites: US-Uaf

Does summer warming reduce black spruce productivity in interior Alaska?
Ueyama, M., Kudo, S., Iwama, C., Nagano, H., Kobayashi, H., Harazono, Y. and Yoshikawa, K.

Journal: J. Forest Res., Volume 20: 52-59 (2014). DOI: Sites: US-Prr, US-Uaf

The role of permafrost on water exchange of a black spruce forest in Interior Alaska
Iwata, H., Harazono, Y., and Ueyama, M.

Journal: Agric. Forest Meteorol., Volume 161 (107-115): (2012). DOI: Sites: US-Uaf

Sensitivity and offset changes of a fast-response open-path infrared gas analyzer during long-term observations in an Arctic environment
Iwata, H., Harazono, Y., and Ueyama, M.

Journal: J. Agric. Meteorol., Volume 68: 175-181 (2012). DOI: Sites: US-Uaf

Influence of source/sink distributions on flux-gradient relationships in the roughtness sublayer over an open forest canopy under unstable conditions
Iwata, H., Harazono, Y., and Ueyama, M.

Journal: Boundary Layer Meteorol., Volume 136: 391-405 (2010). DOI: Sites: US-Uaf