AmeriFlux Meetings and Workshops

AmeriFlux Meetings and Workshops

AmeriFlux Data-Tech Workshop participants hike down from the tour of the Niwot Ridge flux towers. Colorado fall colors! September 21, 2016

AmeriFlux Data-Tech Workshop participants hike down from the tour of the Niwot Ridge flux towers. Colorado fall colors! September 21, 2016

With DOE, we co-sponsor the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting, where all members of the AmeriFlux community are welcome. We also organize annual AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshops, where attendees can get practical advice and hands-on training. As the community requests, we hold workshops on special topics.

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Land-Atmosphere Interactions Workshop

When: Thursday, June 10 – Friday, June 11, 2021

Where: online!

Improving understanding of land atmosphere interactions through integration of surface flux and atmospheric boundary layer measurements

The workshop will address the following questions:

  1. What are the high-priority research questions that can be addressed with existing measurements (e.g., data from AmeriFlux sites with collocated instrumentation for boundary layer measurements, or nearby radiosonde/profile measurements)?
  2. What new boundary layer measurements should be prioritized, and where? What are the cutting-edge research questions that could be addressed with these new measurements?
  3. What is needed to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between ecologists/biogeoscientists and atmospheric scientists? How can we best share tools that are necessary to process, analyze, and interpret boundary layer measurements?
  4. How can this kind of collaboration improve predictive understanding of biosphere-atmosphere interactions and land-atmosphere coupling?

Registration is free!
See the workshop overview page for more information!



AmeriFlux Annual Meeting

When: Tuesday, October 6th – Thursday, October 8th, 2020

We’re planning three compact blocks of programming, from 9 AM to 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time (12 noon to 4 PM Eastern Daylight time).
For the first two days, we’ll feature plenary sessions with invited and contributed talks. The last two days will have interactive poster sessions. Everyday will have breakout discussion groups. On the third day, we’ll have socials & special events that you won’t want to miss! Take a look at the preliminary agenda and the breakout topics!

Update: Talk abstracts are up!

Check this page to see abstracts for our Keynote presentations and short talks. A few are still missing, will be added as soon as we get them. Stay tuned for Poster Abstracts later this week!

Update: Tips for the Poster Session and our virtual meeting space

Find out more about our virtual conference space, which we will use for the poster session. If you are presenting a poster, check out our tips. You need to be logged in to view this page.

Update: Keynote speakers

We are excited to announce our keynote speakers:

Registration: Here, register by Oct 1!

Registration is now open! There are no registration or abstract submission costs.

Where: online!

This year, we will host the conference online, with lots of opportunities for interaction. To take advantage of this unique opportunity, our theme is Bridging the Americas and there are no registration or abstract submission costs. This is an effort to build relationships and collaboration while serving our early career community and others who are disadvantaged by COVID-19.

Hosting this year’s meeting are Dr. Sara Knox from University of British Columbia, Dr. Jorge Perez-Quezad​a from the University of Chile, and Gabriela Shirkey, PhD student from Michigan State University.

Contributed talks will be presented live on zoom, presentations are currently planned in the first two days of the program.
The length for contributed talks will be 15 minutes, including a short Q&A. The talks will be recorded, to be shared with the community after the meeting.

Posters will be presented in an interactive virtual poster room using the gather platform, where presenters can explain their work and engage with attendees. To facilitate setting up the virtual poster room, we will request a pdf file of the poster.

Organizing Committee

  • Sara Knox, Chair, University of British Columbia
  • Jorge Perez-Quezada, Chair, University of Chile
  • Gabriela Shirkey, Michigan State University
  • Trevor Keenan, Lead, AMP LBNL
  • Gil Bohrer, Core-site PI, The Ohio State University
  • Benjamin Runkle, University of Arkansas
  • John Frank, USDA
  • Josh Fisher, NASA
  • Christin Buechner, AMP LBNL


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