Register an AmeriFlux Site

AmeriFlux is the community of carbon flux researchers and measurement sites for the Americas. Adding a site to the AmeriFlux Network provides many benefits, including increased visibility of data, help with data processing, and instrumentation and measurement methodology advice. This is an inclusive network. Read our flyer, Join the AmeriFlux Network, for more on the benefits of joining the network.

All sites in the Americas and U.S. Territories that collect carbon flux measurements using eddy covariance methods are eligible. You can list AmeriFlux as a secondary network, keeping your regional network as primary affiliation.

When you add your site to the AmeriFlux network, expect to:

  • Participate in network activities
  • Employ eddy covariance methods to measure fluxes of a carbon-containing species (CO2, CH4…), water, and energy
  • Submit and regularly update your general site description (see BADM Submission Instructions)
  • Contribute data annually or more frequently
  • Participate in Tech QA/QC and Data QA/QC activities

If no data is uploaded to the AmeriFlux network for three years after signing up a new site, we may remove the tower as a participant in the AmeriFlux network.

Status of AmeriFlux sites are classified as:

  • Active
  • Inactive
  • Intermittent
  • Periodic operation
  • Roving
  • Summer operation only
  • Under Construction

If there’s no new data uploaded to the AmeriFlux network for two years, a site’s status changes to inactive—unless you notify us that your tower is active. Data contributed by site PIs stay in the database no matter what the site status is (unless removal is requested by the site PI).

To register a new site:

If the AmeriFlux Support Team has questions, they will contact you. This process usually takes up to a month since we process these requests in batches.

If you want to re-activate an old AmeriFlux site, request a pre-filled General Site Information form. The AmeriFlux Support Team will provide last known information, and ask you to update.

If you have more questions, send them to Our Data Team will be happy to help you.


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