Register an AmeriFlux Site

AmeriFlux is the community of carbon flux researchers and measurement sites for the Americas. Adding a site to the AmeriFlux Network provides many benefits, including increased visibility of data, help with data processing, and instrumentation and measurement methodology advice. This is an inclusive network. Read our flyer, Join the AmeriFlux Network, for more on the benefits of joining the network.

All sites in North, Central, South America, the Caribbean, and U.S. Territories that collect carbon flux measurements using eddy covariance methods are eligible. You can list AmeriFlux as a secondary network if you are part of another network that you’d like to keep as your primary affiliation.

When you add your site to the AmeriFlux network, expect to:

  • Participate in network activities and events
  • Employ eddy covariance methods to measure fluxes of a carbon-containing species (CO2, CH4…), water, and energy
  • Submit and regularly update your site description and metadata (see BADM)
  • Contribute flux and meteorological data annually or more frequently
  • Participate in Tech QA/QC and Data QA/QC activities

To register a new site:

  • Create your personal AmeriFlux account, if you don’t have one
  • Complete a Site General Info BADM form following the instructions here.
  • Submit the completed form through the AmeriFlux Data Upload Portal using the BADM option (Tip: select the box for “I do not have a site ID” – your site ID will be assigned after you submit this form)

If the AmeriFlux Support Team has questions, they will contact you. This process usually takes up to a month since we process these requests in batches.

Once you have registered, find tips around your site info page, collecting and sharing data in our Onboarding and Orientation for new site teams.

Send any questions to The AMP-Team will be happy to help you.


Last reviewed or edited: 8/14/2020 mst