Onboarding and Orientation for new site teams

This page is a growing collection of AmeriFlux Management Project (AMP) resources to help new flux-team members to get up to speed and make the most of being part of the AmeriFlux network.

New to AmeriFlux?

Not a member yet? What exactly is the AmeriFlux Network? Read about the beginnings of AmeriFlux here and see the Network at a Glance.

Why should you register your site with AmeriFlux? Read about the benefits of joining the network here, and find out how to register a new flux site here!

So you just registered your flux site

  • Set up your site info page by adding a photo and site publication
  • Enhance your site data by providing BADM information (what is BADM? go here for submission instructions)
  • Something unclear? Have a look at the list of frequently used acronyms
  • Follow our twitter for updates from the community
  • Browse the community-tab on the website to find out how to meet with us and other flux scientists at AmeriFlux meetings or other events

So you are ready to collect eddy flux data…

Get support on running your tower and producing high quality flux data:

So you have flux data to share with the world…

Can’t get enough of AmeriFlux?

There are many more ways to get involved!

  • Browse our blog to learn about great science across the network
  • Write your own blog post or whitepaper and let us host it
  • Join the Data Advisory Committee or the FLUXNET Early Career Network , or contact the Science Steering Committee.