Onboarding and Orientation for new site teams

Use these AmeriFlux Management Project (AMP) resources to get up to speed and make the most of being part of the AmeriFlux network.

Not a member yet? Read about the benefits of joining the network, and find out how to register a new flux site.

You just registered your flux site, now what?

What to expect after you register: You-Wei Cheah will guide you through the initial BADM submissions, and Danielle Christiansen and Housen Chu will answer any questions for your first data submission (see our whole team). You can always get in touch at ameriflux-support@lbl.gov .

  • Add photos and site publication to your site info page
  • Prepare and submit BADM information (what is BADM? Review BADM Submission Instructions)
  • Follow our twitter (@AmeriFlux) for updates from the community
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel (AmeriFlux) for webinars, virtual flux-site visits, workshops and more
  • Browse the community-tab on the website to join us and other flux scientists at AmeriFlux meetings and other events

Review the list of services that are available to you, as members of the AmeriFlux Network:

  • Get free calibration gases! (CO2 and CH4)
  • Use data services that provide:
    • Gap-filling for meteorology and flux data
    • Carbon budget estimations
    • Uncertainty estimations
    • Standardized data products
    • Automated detection of data issues
  • Keep your primary network affiliation if your site already has one
  • Receive a DOI for your site’s data
  • Find out who is downloading your site’s data
  • Archive your data safely, including high frequency data
  • Schedule technical advisors to visit your site and help improve your data quality (free!)
  • Get free technical support and advice
  • Receive site characterization from UAS flights (available to small number of sites per year) for NDVI, albedo,  and visible and thermal imagery
  • Borrow a reference/calibrated PAR sensor for on-site side-by-site calibration ofto calibrate your own PAR sensors
  • For that unique research opportunity, borrow one of the rapid response systems (for up to three years)
  • Popular! When loaner equipment is available, you can borrow it to keep collecting data while your instrument is being repaired or calibrated.
    • CO2 /H2O
    • Four component radiometers
    • Sonic anemometers
    • Open path methane analyzer
  • Meet your colleagues at free annual Data & Tech workshops
  • Share your data with your peers; get credit and increase your site’s visibility

Collecting high-quality eddy flux data

Help is here—run your tower effectively to produce high quality flux data:

Once you have flux data to share with the world

This webinar (44 minutes) is a great introduction for new AmeriFlux site managers:

Get involved with the AmeriFlux community

When you created your AmeriFlux account, you also signed up for the AmeriFlux-Community email list. Look for workshop announcements, instrumentation tips, and opportunities. Check in on our homepage to keep up with news from the AmeriFlux world. Contribute photographs from the field or lab to our Photo Gallery.

Write a blog post or whitepaper and let us host it. And last, join the Data Advisory Committee or the FLUXNET Early Career Network, or contact the Science Steering Committee to participate on special projects.