BADM Submission Instructions

Follow the instructions below to submit Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance and Metadata (BADM) to AmeriFlux.

The types of BADM available, including variables, units, and requirements, are described in the BADM Standards.

To register a new AmeriFlux site

  • Download the BADM-Site General Info Standard File (MS Excel spreadsheet) here.
  • Complete the Site General Info file:
    • Enter current site information on the Site_General_Info tab in the file.
    • For variables that have a predefined list, see the LIST(Vocabulary) tab.
    • See the Explanations tab for additional variable descriptions and reporting conventions.
    • See General Instructions on BADM Standards for more details.
  • Do NOT enter REFERENCES variables in the file. References for the site should be uploaded via the “Add Publication” button at the bottom of your Site Info page (Login required).
  • Upload the completed file via the Upload Data page.

***Once a site is registered, update BADM Site General Info using the online editor (see below).

To submit / update BADM for an existing AmeriFlux site

  • Use the online editors for Site General Info and DOI Authorship BADM. The online editors are accessible through the BADM tab on your Site Info page.
  • Use the Variable Information Tool for flux-met height and instrument model information (accessible through the BADM tab on your Site Info page). The BADM-Inst and BADM-InstOps Standard files can be used to submit additional instrument details. See instructions below.
  • Contact to submit other BADM via a new csv file reporting method. See the full suite of BADM available as described in the BADM Standards.

The BADM Standards (MS Excel Template spreadsheets) can be used to update BADM data for a site.
We suggest that site teams contact us ( to use the new csv file reporting method.

  • Download the MS Excel file at BADM Standards
  • See General Instructions here on BADM Standards page.
  • Upload completed files via the AmeriFlux Upload Data page.