BASE Publish

After passing the Data QA/QC assessment, AMP formats the submitted flux/met data in the FP Standard format, bundles them with BADM*, and versions and publishes the resulting BASE-BADM data with a DOI. Find details about the AmeriFlux BASE data product at the following resources:

* BADM = Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance, and Metadata

Supporting Information

Site Info

Additional information that facilitates use of AmeriFlux BASE data is available on each site’s Site Info webpage. Site Info pages are accessed by clicking on any linked Site ID on Site Search, Data Availability, and Data Change Log, or by entering the Site ID into the search bar on any page.

Site Info pages include the following tabs:

  • Site General Information
  • Wind Roses: a succinct view of the distribution of wind speed and direction
  • Data Citation: the primary citation, DOI, and acknowledgment
  • Data Use Log: list of downloads of data for the site
  • Image Gallery: photos and other images associated with the site
  • MODIS: external link to MODIS / VIIRS / Daymet fixed-site subset**
  • Publication: publications associated with the site
  • BADM: links to access and edit BADM***

** Fixed-site subset is provided by ORNL DAAC. For a newly-registered AmeriFlux site, this functionality may not be available immediately.
*** Online editors and tools are available for Site General Information, DOI Contributors, and Variable Information.

Other Site Team Resources

We encourage site teams to maintain BADM that support use of their AmeriFlux BASE data:

  • Variable Information: Use the online tool to report height and instrument model information for AmeriFlux BASE data (site team membership required). These BADM are available in the Measurement Height data product.
  • Site General Information: Use online editor available via Site Info > BADM tab.
  • DOI Contributors: Use online editor available via Site Info > BADM tab.
  • Canopy Height: See BADM Submission Instructions for details.

Site teams can track the status of flux/met data processing at Data Processing Status (site team membership required).