Data Change Log – AmeriFlux

This page lists updates and changes to site data across releases of AmeriFlux data available at For further information, check the site pages (linked to the site IDs) and contact the PIs. Find details about the generation of the data products at Data Processing Pipelines.

Hover over the Site ID in the tables below to view the file version in format “data version-processing version”. The file version is also indicated at the end of the downloaded file name.


  • Beginning August 2018, files with processing version 5 or greater will have the _PI qualifier added to the variable name for aggregated variables submitted by the site team. The _PI qualifier will also continue to be added to ecosystem data products (GPP, NEE, RECO, and VPD) and gap-filled variables submitted by the site team.
  • As of April 2016, all sites with BADM data will be using the new BIF format. For an explanation, visit
  • Files with processing version 1 are a direct translation of data files generated by CDIAC (formerly Standard L2 data product) to the FP Standard variables and file format. For all files with processing version 1, VPD_PI is provided in the units kPa (instead of hPa).

Errata: Files released in September 2017 (processing version 3) had a bug that may impact the naming of variable headers. This has been corrected in processing version 4. We recommend data users download newer versions of the impacted sites.


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