Beta version of the ONEFlux data product

ONEFlux processing produces gap-filled, partitioned flux/met data that are fully consistent with the FLUXNET2015 data product. FLUXNET included data through 2014. Read more about ONEFlux codes

We are making available a beta ONEFlux product, which includes partitioned and gap-filled flux and met observations, for a limited number of AmeriFlux sites in advance of a larger upcoming release. The purpose of this beta release is to allow users to examine the product, develop analysis capabilities, and advise us of any issues they detect. Please note that, being a beta release, this dataset has not been subject to the same standard of quality control we applied to the FLUXNET2015 dataset or than will be applied to the forthcoming published (non-beta) FLUXNET data sets. Users are therefore advised, particularly if publishing work based on these data, to perform due diligence with respect to quality control, and be mindful of how unflagged data issues might affect their results.

These data are shared with the standard AmeriFlux data policy. Downloading data requires an AmeriFlux or FLUXNET account. Click to create a new account.

To download the beta ONEFlux product go to
ONEFlux download portal

To download the BASE flux product (no gap-filling or partitioning) and BADM (Biological, Ancillary, Disturbance and Meta- Data) go here.

Click to download the PI contact info, site citations (DOIs and primary reference), and Site General Info for all the available ONEFlux-Beta sites.

You can generate this information and make maps for any group of AmeriFlux sites using SITE SETS!

About ONEFlux

ONEFlux (Open Network-Enabled Flux processing pipeline) is an eddy covariance data processing codes package. This open-source code set consolidates multiple computations to process half-hourly (or hourly) flux inputs in an automatic fashion, including friction-velocity-threshold estimation methods and filtering, gap-filling of micrometeorological and flux variables, partitioning of CO2 fluxes into ecosystem respiration and gross primary production, uncertainty estimates, and more.

The code is compatible with the version used to create the FLUXNET2015 dataset; it has been tested against for 100% of the FLUXNET2015 sites for the nighttime partitioning method and 90% of the sites for daytime partitioning method.

ONEFlux code is available under a BSD open-source license on this GitHub repository:

ONEFlux was spearheaded by the AmeriFlux and European Cluster central offices. The two groups jointly developed common codes and procedures that are the basis for the ONEFlux collection. In addition, many regional networks and colleagues from around the world contributed. See the Contributors section in the code repository.

We are not able to offer any form of support for using the software. Please see a list of caveats and known limitations in the GitHub repository.