Format QA/QC

Format QA/QC automatically assesses compliance of each uploaded flux/met data file with the required AmeriFlux FP-In format. A single autocorrection attempt is made if any format issues are found. An automated email is sent to the uploader that indicates overall status, site team action, and contains links to Format QA/QC Reports that detail any format issues.

Processing Workflow

Format QA/QC processing results in an Overall Status (2 in figure below) that indicates any further action needed by the site team. An attempt to autocorrect the uploaded file (1) may occur to correct potential issues:

Overall Status | Site Team Action

PASS | Ready for Data QA/QC
All Format QA/QC tests passed.

No further action is needed by the site team. Uploaded file will be queued for Data QA/QC.

WARNING | Review all warnings
One or more Format QA/QC tests identified potential issues that may affect data quality. Autocorrections may have been made. Review of the Format QA/QC report is recommended to confirm that data is as expected.

No further action is needed if the uploaded file or autocorrected (if generated) file is OK. If corrections are needed, the site team should upload a replacement file. Otherwise, the uploaded file or autocorrected file (if generated) will be queued for Data QA/QC.

FAIL | Review failures and warnings
One or more Format QA/QC tests failed and could not be autocorrected. In some cases, an autocorrected attempt was made and also failed. Review details in the uploaded file’s Format QA/QC report.

The site team must upload a corrected replacement file for further data processing.

QA/QC Tests

Format QA/QC performs a suite of individual format tests, such as assessment of timestamps, missing values, and variable names. Find a complete list of tests at Format QA/QC Tests.

Test Results

Potential issues were encountered. A WARNING result may be an informational message to double check that the data are OK. WARNING results may also be minor issues that can either be autocorrected or will minimally affect data quality. Review is recommended. If left unaddressed, some issues may affect Data QA/QC results.

A blocking issue was detected. Some FAIL results can be autocorrected. Others may require a replacement file.

Report Components

A summary of the Format QA/QC results is found in the online Format QA/QC Report.

The Overall Status is reported with detailed Test Results for Uploaded and Autocorrected (if generated) files. We highly recommend that all WARNING Test Results are reviewed, especially any autocorrections, to ensure that the candidate file is OK.