2014 AmeriFlux Data Managers Workshop

First AmeriFlux Data Managers Workshop – 2014

Feb 12-13, 2014, in Berkeley, California, USA


Andrew Suyker, University of Nebraska, [email protected]

Benjamin Sulman, Indiana University, [email protected]

Cove Sturtevant, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

Dario Papale, University of Tuscia, [email protected]

Deb Agarwal, LBNL, [email protected]

Dennis Baldocchi, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

Evan Goldman, Harvard University, [email protected]

Gil Bohrer, Ohio State University, [email protected]

Gilberto Pastorello, LBNL, [email protected]

Holly Hughes, Woods Hole Research Center, [email protected]

Hyojung Kwon, Oregon State University, [email protected]

Jeff Delaroy, University of Kansas, [email protected]

Joseph Verfaillie, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

Ke Xu, University of Wisconsin Madison, [email protected]

Laurie Koteen, UC Agriculture and Natural Resources, [email protected]

Margaret Torn, LBNL, [email protected]

Marilyn Saarni, LBNL, [email protected]

Misha Krassovski, ORNL, CDIAC, [email protected]

Peter Blanken, University of Colorado, [email protected]

Randy Lefevre, University of New Mexico, [email protected]

Ross Bryant, [email protected]

Sean Burns, University of Colorado, [email protected]

Simone Sabbatini, Unitus DIBAF, [email protected]

Siyan Ma, UC Berkeley, [email protected]

Tyler Roman, Indiana University, [email protected]


AmeriFluxMP Status, Services and Operation – Margaret Torn

Overview of the AmeriFlux Data Processing and Management System – Deb Agarwal

AmeriFlux site representatives present their sites

Howland Forest – Holly Hughes

Niwot Ridge Subalpine Forest – Peter Blanken and Sean Burns

Harvard Forest – Evan Goldman

Morgan Monroe State Forest – Tyler Roman and Benjamin Sulman

Thirteen years flux observations at Tonzi (US-Ton) and Vaira (US-Var) – Siyan Ma

CA Delta Sites – Cove Sturtevant

UC Agriculture and Natural Resources Flux Network – Laurie Koteen

Maize-based Agricultural Ecosystems – Andrew Suyker

Chequamegon Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study (ChEAS) – Ke Xu

New Mexico Elevation Gradient (NMEG) – Randy Lefevre

Description of what we do with the initial QA/QC and Data Processing QA/QC – Gilberto Pastorello, Misha Krassovski and Dario Papale

Data Management best practices – tutorial and discussion – Gilberto Pastorello and Deb Agarwal


8:00am Ancillary data and metadata (what they are, and their importance) – Dario Papale
8:30am The BADM and how to enter data – Deb Agarwal
9:00am Presentation of the current consolidated sheets for immediate feedback – Deb Agarwal and Dario Papale
9:30am Break – light refreshments
10:00am Site_General_Info update campaign – Deb Agarwal and Dario Papale
11:00am Disturbance Information campaign – Deb Agarwal and Dario Papale
12:00pm Working Lunch – continue with BADM updates and corrections
1:30pm Vegetation or soil information campaign – Deb Agarwal and Dario Papale
2:00pm Instrument metadata collection for all levels of the processing and QA/QC – Sebastien Biraud, Gilberto Pastorello, and Deb Agarwal
3:00pm Instrument data collection campaign – Sebastien Biraud and Deb Agarwal
3:45pm Break – light refreshments
4:00pm High-frequency data archiving and processing – Gilberto Pastorello and Deb Agarwal
5:00pm Adjourn