2021 Evapotranspiration Workshop – Overview

When:  November 2-4, 2021

Registration now closed, contact etworkshop2021@gmail.com if you would still like to join.

As part of the AmeriFlux Year of Water initiative, we are pleased to announce a virtual and free workshop on evapotranspiration science.  Based on community input gathered during the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting, the workshop will focus on 4 key topics:

1. ET partitioning: discuss and synthesize the advantages and limitations of various field-based methods capable of evapotranspiration partitioning.

2. ET remote sensing: connections between flux tower science and remote sensing, including a training component for learners on accessing and using some remotely sensed ET data.

3. Integrating in-situ water water flux measurements to advance ET science: water cycle measurement methods and their challenges/advantages, and opportunities for combining different measurement approaches.

4. ET modeling: integrating ET models and observations to examine and attribute variability in ET across temporal and spatial scales.


Topic details are available here.


Workshop Structure

The workshop will contain a mixture of expert talks, guided discussion sections, lightning talks, and Zoom socials.



Day 1 (Nov 2, Tue) (all times in PDT, +7 hours for GMT)

8:30                    Announcement
8:40                    Keynote #1: Paul Stoy
9:00                    Keynote #2: Matthias Mauder
9:20                    Lightning talks, Round 1
9:50                    Break
10:00                  Group discussion #1 – ET partitioning
11:15                    Break
11:30                   Lightning talks, Round 2
12:00                   Break
12:30 – 1:30         ET partitioning tutorial*, led by Jacob Nelson

*The ET partitioning tutorial will briefly overview methods for estimating ET flux components from eddy covariance data, in particular transpiration. Furthermore, the tutorial will give a technical description of how to apply three methods to eddy data with a question and answer session. The technical portion of the three methods covered in the technical portion can be seen in this interactive presentation and all code and tutorials with sample data can be found in the associated repository.

Day 2 (Nov 3, Wed) 

8:10                     (optional) Coffee Roulette – random ~3 person chats over coffee
8:30                    Announcement
8:40                    Keynote #3: Isaya Kisekka
9:00                    Keynote #4: Natalia Tonti
9:20                    Break
9:30                    Group discussion #2 – ET remote sensing
10:45                   Break
11:00 – 12:15       Group discussion #3 – In-situ measurements of water fluxes
12:30                   (optional) Coffee Roulette

Day 3 (Nov 4, Thu)

8:10                     (optional) Coffee Roulette
8:30                     Announcement
8:40                     Keynote #5: Natasha Macbean
9:00                     Keynote #6: Simone Fatichi
9:20                     Break
9:30                     Group discussion #4 – ET modeling
10:45                    Break
11:00 – 12:00       Synthesis discussion


Keynote speakers

Paul Stoy
Matthias Mauder
Isaya Kisekka
Natalia Tonti
Natasha Macbean
Simone Fatichi

Keynote abstracts available here.


Lightning talks

Lightning talk abstracts available here.


Organizing Committee

Koong Yi, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Kyle Delwiche, University of California, Berkeley
Jacob Nelson, Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry
Trevor Keenan, University of California, Berkeley