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Travel stipends

Please apply for a 2023 travel stipend using this form. The deadline is July 30, 2023. In order to be eligible, you also need to submit an abstract and we need a brief statement from your supervisor.

We plan to reimburse actual travel cost, including transportation, accommodation, and registration, up to a maximum of $1000. Meals are included in the registration fee. A room block in the meeting hotel is expected to be available for $119.95/night.
In order to be eligible, you need to attend the meeting in person and submit a scientific abstract.
If we receive more applications than we can fund (we expect that to happen), we will take the following into account to prioritize funding.
  • Is the applicant an early career scholar? (Student or postdoc)
  • Is the abstract related to eddy covariance flux work?
  • How highly was the abstract rated in a name- and institution-blind peer review?
  • Is the lack of other funding sources/financial need clearly stated?
  • Have other scientists from this institution attended the meeting previously? (broaden participation)
  • Motivation statement from applicant (this form)
  • Recommendation letter from advisor (please ask them to fill out this form by July 30)
Please apply by July 30 for full consideration.
We will send out notifications at the end of August.