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The Unabated Atmospheric Carbon Losses In A Drowning Wetland Forest Of North Carolina: A Point Of No Return?
Aguilos, M., Warr, I., Irving, M., Gregg, O., Grady, S., Peele, T., Noormets, A., Sun, G., Liu, N., McNulty, S., Pettay, F., Bhattacharya, S., Penney, S., Kerrigan, M., Yang, L., Mitra, B., Prajapati, P., Minick, K., King, J.

Coastal wetlands provide the unique biogeochemical functions of storing a large fraction of the terrestrial carbon (C) pool and being among the most productive ecosystems in the world. However, coastal wetlands face numerous natural and anthropogenic disturbances that threaten their ecological integrity and C storage potential. To …

Journal: Forests, Volume 13 (8): 1264 (2022), ISBN . DOI: 10.3390/f13081264 Sites: US-NC4

Effects Of Spatial Variability And Drainage On Extracellular Enzyme Activity In Coastal Freshwater Forested Wetlands Of Eastern North Carolina, Usa
Minick, K. J., Aguilos, M., Li, X., Mitra, B., Prajapati, P., King, J. S.

Drainage of freshwater wetlands is common in coastal regions, although the effects on microbial extracellular enzyme activity (a key mediator of soil organic matter decomposition) in relation to spatial variability (microtopography and soil depth) are poorly understood. Soils were collected from organic (Oi, Oe, Oa) and mineral (A, …

Journal: Forests, Volume 13 (6): 861 (2022), ISBN . DOI: 10.3390/f13060861 Sites: US-NC4

Representativeness Of Eddy-Covariance Flux Footprints For Areas Surrounding Ameriflux Sites
Chu, H., Luo, X., Ouyang, Z., Chan, W. S., Dengel, S., Biraud, S. C., Torn, M. S., Metzger, S., Kumar, J., Arain, M. A., Arkebauer, T. J., Baldocchi, D., Bernacchi, C., Billesbach, D., Black, T. A., Blanken, P. D., Bohrer, G., Bracho, R., Brown, S., Brunsell, N. A., Chen, J., Chen, X., Clark, K., Desai, A. R., Duman, T., Durden, D., Fares, S., Forbrich, I., Gamon, J. A., Gough, C. M., Griffis, T., Helbig, M., Hollinger, D., Humphreys, E., Ikawa, H., Iwata, H., Ju, Y., Knowles, J. F., Knox, S. H., Kobayashi, H., Kolb, T., Law, B., Lee, X., Litvak, M., Liu, H., Munger, J. W., Noormets, A., Novick, K., Oberbauer, S. F., Oechel, W., Oikawa, P., Papuga, S. A., Pendall, E., Prajapati, P., Prueger, J., Quinton, W. L., Richardson, A. D., Russell, E. S., Scott, R. L., Starr, G., Staebler, R., Stoy, P. C., Stuart-Haëntjens, E., Sonnentag, O., Sullivan, R. C., Suyker, A., Ueyama, M., Vargas, R., Wood, J. D., Zona, D.

Large datasets of greenhouse gas and energy surface-atmosphere fluxes measured with the eddy-covariance technique (e.g., FLUXNET2015, AmeriFlux BASE) are widely used to benchmark models and remote-sensing products. This study addresses one of the major challenges facing model-data integration: To what spatial extent do flux measurements …

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 301-302: 108350 (2021), ISBN . DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2021.108350 Sites: CA-ARB, CA-ARF, CA-Ca1, CA-Ca2, CA-Ca3, CA-Cbo, CA-DBB, CA-ER1, CA-Gro, CA-Let, CA-Man, CA-MR3, CA-MR5, CA-Na1, CA-NS1, CA-NS2, CA-NS3, CA-NS4, CA-NS5, CA-NS6, CA-NS7, CA-Oas, CA-Obs, CA-Ojp, CA-Qc2, CA-Qcu, CA-Qfo, CA-SCC, CA-SF1, CA-SF2, CA-SF3, CA-SJ2, CA-SJ3, CA-TP1, CA-TP3, CA-TP4, CA-TPD, CA-WP1, US-A03, US-A10, US-A32, US-A74, US-ADR, US-AR1, US-AR2, US-ARb, US-ARc, US-ARM, US-Aud, US-Bar, US-Bi1, US-Bi2, US-Bkg, US-Blk, US-Blo, US-Bn1, US-Bn2, US-Bn3, US-Bo1, US-Bo2, US-Br3, US-CaV, US-Ced, US-CF1, US-CF2, US-CF3, US-CF4, US-ChR, US-Cop, US-CPk, US-CRT, US-Ctn, US-Dia, US-Dix, US-Dk1, US-Dk2, US-Dk3, US-EDN, US-Elm, US-EML, US-Fmf, US-FPe, US-FR2, US-FR3, US-Fuf, US-Fwf, US-GLE, US-GMF, US-Goo, US-Ha1, US-Ha2, US-Hn2, US-Hn3, US-Ho1, US-Ho2, US-Ho3, US-IB1, US-IB2, US-Ivo, US-KFS, US-KLS, US-Kon, US-KS1, US-KS2, US-KUT, US-Lin, US-Los, US-LPH, US-LWW, US-Me1, US-Me2, US-Me3, US-Me4, US-Me5, US-Me6, US-MMS, US-MOz, US-Mpj, US-MRf, US-MtB, US-Myb, US-NC1, US-NC2, US-NC3, US-NC4, US-Ne1, US-Ne2, US-Ne3, US-NGB, US-NR1, US-Oho, US-ORv, US-PHM, US-Pon, US-Prr, US-RC1, US-RC2, US-RC3, US-RC4, US-RC5, US-Rls, US-Rms, US-Ro1, US-Ro2, US-Ro5, US-Ro6, US-Rpf, US-Rws, US-SdH, US-Seg, US-Ses, US-SFP, US-Shd, US-Skr, US-Slt, US-Snd, US-Sne, US-Snf, US-SO2, US-SO3, US-SO4, US-SP1, US-SP2, US-SP3, US-SRC, US-SRG, US-SRM, US-Srr, US-Sta, US-StJ, US-Syv, US-Ton, US-Tw1, US-Tw2, US-Tw3, US-Tw4, US-Tw5, US-Twt, US-Uaf, US-UMB, US-UMd, US-Var, US-Vcm, US-Vcp, US-Vcs, US-WBW, US-WCr, US-Wdn, US-Wgr, US-Whs, US-Wi0, US-Wi1, US-Wi3, US-Wi4, US-Wi5, US-Wi6, US-Wi7, US-Wi8, US-Wi9, US-Wjs, US-Wkg, US-Wlr, US-Wpp, US-WPT, US-Wrc, US-xBR, US-xCP, US-xDL, US-xHA, US-xKA, US-xKZ, US-xRM, US-xSR, US-xWD

Effects Of Land-Use Change And Drought On Decadal Evapotranspiration And Water Balance Of Natural And Managed Forested Wetlands Along The Southeastern Us Lower Coastal Plain
Aguilos, M., Sun, G., Noormets, A., Domec, J., McNulty, S., Gavazzi, M., Minick, K., Mitra, B., Prajapati, P., Yang, Y., King, J.

Forested wetlands are important in regulating regional hydrology and climate. However, long-term studies on the hydrologic impacts of converting natural forested wetlands to pine plantations are rare for the southern US. From 2005-2018, we quantified water cycling in two post-harvest and newly-planted loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) …

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 303: 108381 (2021), ISBN . DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2021.108381 Sites: US-NC1, US-NC2, US-NC3, US-NC4

Wetland Microtopography Alters Response Of Potential Net Co2 And Ch4 Production To Temperature And Moisture: Evidence From A Laboratory Experiment
Minick, K. J., Mitra, B., Li, X., Fischer, M., Aguilos, M., Prajapati, P., Noormets, A., King, J. S.

Coastal wetlands store significant amounts of carbon (C) belowground, which may be altered through effects of rising temperature and changing hydrology on CO2 and CH4 fluxes and related microbial activities. Wetland microtopography (hummock-hollow) also plays a critical role in mediating plant growth, microbial activity, and thus …

Journal: Geoderma, Volume 402: 115367 (2021), ISBN . DOI: 10.1016/j.geoderma.2021.115367 Sites: US-NC4

Tidal Wetland Gross Primary Production Across The Continental United States, 2000–2019
Feagin, R. A., Forbrich, I., Huff, T. P., Barr, J. G., Ruiz‐Plancarte, J., Fuentes, J. D., Najjar, R. G., Vargas, R., Vázquez‐Lule, A., Windham‐Myers, L., Kroeger, K. D., Ward, E. J., Moore, G. W., Leclerc, M., Krauss, K. W., Stagg, C. L., Alber, M., Knox, S. H., Schäfer, K. V., Bianchi, T. S., Hutchings, J. A., Nahrawi, H., Noormets, A., Mitra, B., Jaimes, A., Hinson, A. L., Bergamaschi, B., King, J. S., Miao, G.

We mapped tidal wetland gross primary production (GPP) with unprecedented detail for multiple wetland types across the continental United States (CONUS) at 16‐day intervals for the years 2000–2019. To accomplish this task, we developed the spatially explicit Blue Carbon (BC) model, which combined tidal wetland cover and field‐based …

Journal: Global Biogeochemical Cycles, Volume 34 (2): (2020), ISBN . DOI: 10.1029/2019GB006349 Sites: US-GCE, US-HPY, US-LA1, US-NC4, US-PHM, US-PLM, US-Skr, US-Srr, US-StJ, US-VFP

Long-Term Carbon Flux And Balance In Managed And Natural Coastal Forested Wetlands Of The Southeastern Usa
Aguilos, M., Mitra, B., Noormets, A., Minick, K., Prajapati, P., Gavazzi, M., Sun, G., McNulty, S., Li, X., Domec, J., Miao, G., King, J.

Wetlands store large carbon (C) stocks and play important roles in biogeochemical C cycling. However, the effects of environmental and anthropogenic pressures on C dynamics in lower coastal plain forested wetlands in the southern U.S. are not well understood. We established four eddy flux stations in two post-harvest and newlyplanted …

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 288-289: 108022 (2020), ISBN . DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2020.108022 Sites: US-NC1, US-NC2, US-NC3, US-NC4

Microtopography Alters Hydrology, Phenol Oxidase Activity and Nutrient Availability in Organic Soils of a Coastal Freshwater Forested Wetland
Minick, K., Kelley, A., Miao, G., Li, X., Noormets, A., Mitra, B., King, J.S.

Hummock-hollow microtopography is a unique feature ofwetland ecosystems, but our understanding ofits effects on soil carbon and nutrient cycling is limited. We investigated effects of microtopography on hydrology, phenol oxidase activity (POX) and nutrient availability in a freshwater forested wetland of coastal North Carolina. Water …

Journal: Wetlands, Volume : 1-11 (2018), ISBN 1943-6246. DOI: 10.1007 Sites: US-NC4

Hydrology And Microtopography Control Carbon Dynamics In Wetlands: Implications In Partitioning Ecosystem Respiration In A Coastal Plain Forested Wetland
Miao, G., Noormets, A., Domec, J., Fuentes, M., Trettin, C. C., Sun, G., McNulty, S. G., King, J. S.

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 247: 343-355 (2017), ISBN . DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2017.08.022 Sites: US-NC4

The Effect Of Water Table Fluctuation On Soil Respiration In A Lower Coastal Plain Forested Wetland In The Southeastern U.S.
Miao, G., Noormets, A., Domec, J., Trettin, C. C., McNulty, S. G., Sun, G., King, J. S.

Anthropogenic and environmental pressures on wetland hydrology may trigger changes in carbon (C) cycling, potentially exposing vast amounts of soil C to rapid decomposition. We measured soil CO2 efflux (Rs) continuously from 2009 to 2010 in a lower coastal plain forested wetland in North Carolina, U.S., …

Journal: Journal Of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, Volume 118 (4): 1748-1762 (2013), ISBN . DOI: 10.1002/2013JG002354 Sites: US-NC4