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CO2 Balance Of Boreal, Temperate, And Tropical Forests Derived From A Global Database
Luyssaert, S., Inglima, I., Jung, M., Richardson, A. D., Reichstein, M., Papale, D., Piao, S. L., Schulze, E., Wingate, L., Matteucci, G., Aragao, L., Aubinet, M., Beer, C., Bernhofer, C., Black, K. G., Bonal, D., Bonnefond, J., Chambers, J., Ciais, P., Cook, B., Davis, K. J., Dolman, A. J., Gielen, B., Goulden, M., Grace, J., Granier, A., Grelle, A., Griffis, T., Grxfcnwald, T., Guidolotti, G., Hanson, P. J., Harding, R., Hollinger, D. Y., Hutyra, L. R., Kolari, P., Kruijt, B., Kutsch, W., Lagergren, F., Laurila, T., Law, B. E., Le Maire, G., Lindroth, A., Loustau, D., Malhi, Y., Mateus, J., Migliavacca, M., Misson, L., Montagnani, L., Moncrieff, J., Moors, E., Munger, J. W., Nikinmaa, E., Ollinger, S. V., Pita, G., Rebmann, C., Roupsard, O., Saigusa, N., Sanz, M. J., Seufert, G., Sierra, C., Smith, M., Tang, J., Valentini, R., Vesala, T., Janssens, I. A.

Terrestrial ecosystems sequester 2.1 Pg of atmospheric carbon annually. A large amount of the terrestrial sink is realized by forests. However, considerable uncertainties …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 13 (12): 2509-2537 (2007), ISBN . DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2007.01439.x Sites: BR-Ma2

Variation In Wood Density Determines Spatial Patterns Inamazonian Forest Biomass
Baker, T. R., Phillips, O. L., Malhi, Y., Almeida, S., Arroyo, L., Di Fiore, A., Erwin, T., Killeen, T. J., Laurance, S. G., Laurance, W. F., Lewis, S. L., Lloyd, J., Monteagudo, A., Neill, D. A., Patino, S., Pitman, N. C., M. Silva, J. N., Vasquez Martinez, R.

Uncertainty in biomass estimates is one of the greatest limitations to models of carbon flux in tropical forests. Previous comparisons of field-based estimates of the aboveground biomass (AGB) of trees greater than 10 cm diameter within Amazonia have been limited by the paucity of data for western Amazon forests, and the use of …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 10 (5): 545-562 (2004), ISBN . DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2004.00751.x Sites: BR-Ma2, BR-Sa1, BR-Sa3

The Robustness Of Eddy Correlation Fluxes For Amazon Rain Forest Conditions
Kruijt, B., Elbers, J. A., von Randow, C., Araújo, A. C., Oliveira, P. J., Culf, A., Manzi, A. O., Nobre, A. D., Kabat, P., Moors, E. J.

We analyzed errors and uncertainties in time-integrated eddy correlation data for sites in the Amazon. A well-known source of potential error in eddy correlation is through possible advective losses of CO2emissions during calm nights. There are also questions related to the treatment of low frequencies, non-horizontal …

Journal: Ecological Applications, Volume 14 (sp4): 101-113 (2004), ISBN . DOI: 10.1890/02-6004 Sites: BR-Ma2, BR-Sa1, BR-Sa3

Ecological Research In The Large-Scale Biosphere– Atmosphere Experiment In Amazonia: Early Results
Keller, M., Alencar, A., Asner, G. P., Braswell, B., Bustamante, M., Davidson, E., Feldpausch, T., Fernandes, E., Goulden, M., Kabat, P., Kruijt, B., Luizão, F., Miller, S., Markewitz, D., Nobre, A. D., Nobre, C. A., Priante Filho, N., da Rocha, H., Silva Dias, P., von Randow, C., Vourlitis, G. L.

The Large-scale Biosphere–Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA) is a multinational, interdisciplinary research program led by Brazil. Ecological studies in LBA focus on how tropical forest conversion, …

Journal: Ecological Applications, Volume 14 (sp4): 3-16 (2004), ISBN . DOI: 10.1890/03-6003 Sites: BR-Ma2, BR-Sa1, BR-Sa3

Respiration From A Tropical Forest Ecosystem: Partitioning Of Sources And Low Carbon Use Efficiency
Chambers, J. Q., Tribuzy, E. S., Toledo, L. C., Crispim, B. F., Higuchi, N., Santos, J. d., Araújo, A. C., Kruijt, B., Nobre, A. D., Trumbore, S. E.

Understanding how tropical forest carbon balance will respond to global change requires knowledge of individual heterotrophic and autotrophic respiratory sources, together with factors that control respiratory …

Journal: Ecological Applications, Volume 14 (sp4): 72-88 (2004), ISBN . DOI: 10.1890/01-6012 Sites: BR-Ma2, BR-Sa1, BR-Sa3

A Global Relationship Between The Heterotrophic And Autotrophic Components Of Soil Respiration?
Bond-Lamberty, B., Wang, C., Gower, S. T.

Soil surface CO2 flux (RS) is overwhelmingly the product of respiration by roots (autotrophic respiration, RA) and soil organisms (heterotrophic respiration, RH). Many studies have attempted to partition RS into these two components, with highly …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 10 (10): 1756-1766 (2004), ISBN . DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2486.2004.00816.x Sites: BR-Ma2, CA-Man, CA-Oas, CA-Obs, US-Dk1, US-Dk2, US-Dk3, US-Ha2, US-Me1, US-Me3, US-Me4, US-Me5, US-WBW

Comparative Measurements Of Carbon Dioxide Fluxes From Two Nearby Towers In A Central Amazonian Rainforest: The Manaus Lba Site
Araújo, A. C., Nobre, A. D., Kruijt, B., Elbers, J. A., Dallarosa, R., Stefani, P., von Randow, C., Manzi, A. O., Culf, A. D., Gash, J. H. C., Valentini, R., Kabat, P.

Forests around Manaus have staged the oldest and the longest forest-atmosphere CO2 exchange studies made anywhere in the Amazon. Since July 1999 the exchange of CO2, water, and energy, as well as weather variables, have been measured almost continuously over two forests, 11 km apart, in the Cuieiras reserve near Manaus, Brazil. This …

Journal: Journal Of Geophysical Research, Volume 107 (D20): (2002), ISBN . DOI: 10.1029/2001JD000676 Sites: BR-Ma2