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Atmospheric Input And Origin Of Selected Elements In Walker Branch Watershed, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Andren, A. W., Lindberg, S. E.

The elemental composition and relative contribution to input of precipitation and aerosols have been determined for the Walker Branch Watershed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. Comparison of elemental ratios in rain to those in local soils indicates that Cu, Hg, and Pb are enriched with respect to soil by a factor …

Journal: Water, Air, And Soil Pollution, Volume 8 (2): 199-215 (1977), ISBN . DOI: 10.1007/bf00294043 Sites: US-WBW

Carbon Cycling In A Mixed Deciduous Forest Floor
Edwards, N. T., Harris, W. F.

A study of carbon cycling within the floor of a mixed deciduous forest included estimates of litterfall, litter standing crop, root turnover, lateral root standing crop, and measurements of gaseous carbon …

Journal: Ecology, Volume 58 (2): 431-437 (1977), ISBN . DOI: 10.2307/1935618 Sites: US-WBW

Quantity And Chemistry Of Throughfall As Influenced By Forest-Type And Season
Henderson, G. S., Harris, W. F., Todd, D. E., Grizzard, T.

Journal: The Journal Of Ecology, Volume 65 (2): 365-374 (1977), ISBN . DOI: 10.2307/2259488 Sites: US-WBW

Life History And Production Dynamics Of Alloperla Mediana And Diplectrona Modesta In Walker Branch, Tennessee
Cushman, R. M., Elwood, J. W., Hildebrand, S. G.

Journal: American Midland Naturalist, Volume 98 (2): 354-364 (1977), ISBN . DOI: 10.2307/2424986 Sites: US-WBW

Mass Balance Of Trace Elements In Walker Branch Watershed: Relation To Coal-Fired Steam Plants
Lindberg, S.E., Andren, A.W., Raridon, R.J., Fulkerson, W.

A mass balance study of trace element flows at the TVA Allen Steam Plant at Memphis showed that most of the released Hg, some Se, and probably most Cl and Br are discharged to the atmosphere as gases. The elements As, Cd, Cu, Ga, Mo, Pb, Sb, Se, and Zn were concentrated in fly ash compared to slag and were more concentrated in the …

Journal: Environmental Health Perspectives, Volume 12: 9-18 (1975), ISBN . DOI: 10.1289/ehp.75129 Sites: US-WBW

Analysis Of Litterfall In A Deciduous Forest On Walker Branch Watershed, Tennessee: Data Stratification By Two Alternative Methods
Grigal, D. F., Grizzard, T.

Journal: American Midland Naturalist, Volume 94 (2): 361-369 (1975), ISBN . DOI: 10.2307/2424432 Sites: US-WBW

An Integrated Ordination-Classification Analysis Of An Intensively Sampled Oak-Hickory Forest
Grigal, D. F., Goldstein, R. A.

Journal: The Journal Of Ecology, Volume 59 (2): 481-492 (1971), ISBN . DOI: 10.2307/2258326 Sites: US-WBW

Chronic water stress reduces tree growth and the carbon sink of deciduous hardwood forests
Brzostek, E.R., Dragoni, D., Schmid, H.P., Rahman, A.F., Wayson, C.A., Johnson, D.J., Phillips, R.P.

Predicted decreases in water availability across the temperate forest biome have the potential to offset gains in carbon (C) uptake from phenology trends, rising atmospheric CO2, and nitrogen deposition. While it is well established that severe droughts reduce the C sink of forests by inducing tree mortality, the impacts of mild …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 8: 2531-2539 (2014), ISBN . DOI: 10.1011 Sites: US-MMS