AmeriFlux Tech Team 2018 Site Visits

The AmeriFlux Tech Team has completed another successful site visit season. This year they visited nine AmeriFlux sites. The below gallery features an image from each site visit.

The Tech Team is planning for the upcoming site visit season. If you would like to learn more about site visits and what to expect, please see our updated site visit page for more information.

Table of 2018 site visits conducted by the AmeriFlux Tech Team:

# Name State ID Dates
1 Kennedy Space Center (salt marsh)* FL US-KS3 April 8-13
2 Riesel Farm Native Prairie TX US-Tx2 May 14-24
3 Suisun marsh – Rush Ranch CA US-Srr June 11-22
4 Imnavait Creek Watershed Heath Tundra AK US-ICh July 6-18
5 Poker Flat Research Range Black Spruce Forest AK US-Prr July 21-31
6 Eight Mile Lake Permafrost thaw gradient AK US-EML July 23-Aug 3
7 Metolius mature ponderosa pine OR US-Me2 Aug 18-28
8 Rice Rivers Center Marsh VA US-RRC Sept 18-Oct 2
9 Sweet Briar Land-Atmosphere Research Station** VA US-SB1 Sept 19-Oct 3

*abbreviated site visit

**Portable profile system deployed

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