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Atmospheric Deposition Of Metals To Forest Vegetation
Lindberg, S. E., Harriss, R. C., Turner, R. R.

Atmospheric deposition during the growing season contributes one-third or more of the estimated total flux of lead, zinc, and cadium from the forest canopy to soils beneath an oak stand in the Tennessee Valley but less than 10 percent of the flux of manganese. The ratio of the wet to dry deposition flux to the vegetation during this …

Journal: Science, Volume 215 (4540): 1609-1611 (1982). DOI: 10.1126/science.215.4540.1609 Sites: US-WBW

The Role Of Atmospheric Deposition In An Eastern U.S. Deciduous Forest
Lindberg, S. E., Harriss, R. C.

Atmospheric sources contributed significantly to the annual flux of trace metals and sulfate to the forest floor of Walker Branch Watershed, a forested catchment in the southeastern United States. Atmospheric deposition supplied from 14% (Mn) to≈40% (Zn, …

Journal: Water, Air, And Soil Pollution, Volume 16 (1): 13-31 (1981). DOI: 10.1007/bf01047039 Sites: US-WBW

Hydraulic Properties Of Fullerton Cherty Silt Loam
Luxmoore, R. J., Grizzard, T., Patterson, M. R.

Soil hydraulic properties at eight depths in a Fullerton cherty silt loam (a clayey, kaolinitic, thermic Typic Paleudult) profile were derived from measurements of water content with a calibrated neutron probe and of matric potential with tensiometers during drainage of a flooded 2- by 2- by 3-m deep soil plot. Soil cores taken from …

Journal: Soil Science Society Of America Journal, Volume 45 (4): 692-698 (1981). DOI: 10.2136/sssaj1981.03615995004500040004x Sites: US-WBW

Precipitation Acidity: The Role Of The Forest Canopy In Acid Exchange
Hoffman, W. A., Lindberg, S. E., Turner, R. R.

Individual rain events were sampled above and below the forest canopy in Walker Branch Watershed, Tennessee, from August 1977 to June 1978 for the purpose of analysis of acidity and organic content. Strong acid content correlated with sulfate concentrations. Total acid concentrations were conserved as rain penetrated chestnut oak …

Journal: Journal Of Environment Quality, Volume 9 (1): 95-100 (1980). DOI: 10.2134/jeq1980.00472425000900010022x Sites: US-WBW

Some Observations Of Organic Constituents In Rain Above And Below A Forest Canopy
Hoffman, W. A., Lindberg, S. E., Turner, R. R.

Journal: Environmental Science & Technology, Volume 14 (8): 999-1002 (1980). DOI: 10.1021/es60168a009 Sites: US-WBW

Effects Of Sky Brightness Distribution Upon Penetration Of Diffuse Radiation Through Canopy Gaps In A Deciduous Forest
Hutchison, B., Matt, D., McMillen, R.

The penetration of diffuse sky radiation via canopy opening into a fully-leafed tulip poplar forest was estimated from canopy structure data obtained from canopy photographs and from sky brightness distribution approximations, using techniques originally developed by Anderson …

Journal: Agricultural Meteorology, Volume 22 (2): 137-147 (1980). DOI: 10.1016/0002-1571(80)90040-0 Sites: US-WBW

Atmospheric Input And Origin Of Selected Elements In Walker Branch Watershed, Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Andren, A. W., Lindberg, S. E.

The elemental composition and relative contribution to input of precipitation and aerosols have been determined for the Walker Branch Watershed in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, U.S.A. Comparison of elemental ratios in rain to those in local soils indicates that Cu, Hg, and Pb are enriched with respect to soil by a factor …

Journal: Water, Air, And Soil Pollution, Volume 8 (2): 199-215 (1977). DOI: 10.1007/bf00294043 Sites: US-WBW

Carbon Cycling In A Mixed Deciduous Forest Floor
Edwards, N. T., Harris, W. F.

A study of carbon cycling within the floor of a mixed deciduous forest included estimates of litterfall, litter standing crop, root turnover, lateral root standing crop, and measurements of gaseous carbon …

Journal: Ecology, Volume 58 (2): 431-437 (1977). DOI: 10.2307/1935618 Sites: US-WBW

Quantity And Chemistry Of Throughfall As Influenced By Forest-Type And Season
Henderson, G. S., Harris, W. F., Todd, D. E., Grizzard, T.

Journal: The Journal Of Ecology, Volume 65 (2): 365-374 (1977). DOI: 10.2307/2259488 Sites: US-WBW

Life History And Production Dynamics Of Alloperla Mediana And Diplectrona Modesta In Walker Branch, Tennessee
Cushman, R. M., Elwood, J. W., Hildebrand, S. G.

Journal: American Midland Naturalist, Volume 98 (2): 354-364 (1977). DOI: 10.2307/2424986 Sites: US-WBW