2018 AmeriFlux PI Meeting Agenda

Archived December 2018

2018 AmeriFlux PI Meeting (overview)
2018 AmeriFlux PI Meeting Participants
2018 AmeriFlux PI Meeting Abstracts

All are welcome!

Optional Field Trip Tuesday afternoon, October 23, 2018
Wednesday, Oct 24–Thursday, Oct 25, 2018
Monroe Convention Center, 302 S. College Avenue, Bloomington IN

Tuesday, October 23

12:30 p Shuttle leaves Courtyard Marriott Lobby for the Morgan-Monroe State Forest field trip
1-4:30 p Field Trip to Morgan-Monroe State Forest tower site (US-MMS)
8-10p After-dinner social at Function Brewing, 108 E 6th Street, Bloomington (no host)

Wednesday, October 24

Abstracts and presentations are now being assembled; check back to see updates.

8a B R E A K F A S T (provided)
8:30a Welcome: Russ Scott and Kim Novick (co-chairs); Margaret Torn (AmeriFlux Management Project)  Presentation 15MB

Session Theme: Morgan Monroe—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Kim Novick

9a Keynote: HaPe Schmidt, 20 Years of MMSF Flux Observations: Turbulence and Tall Tower Tales Presentation 18MB
9:25a Koong Yi, Linking variation in intrinsic water-use efficiency to isohydricity: a comparison at multiple spatiotemporal scales Abstract | Presentation 47MB
9:40a Benjamin Sulman, Why (and how) to determine soil water retention curves for AmeriFlux sites Abstract | Presentation 6MB
9:55a Gordon Bonan, From leaf to canopy to global: using flux data to test and improve terrestrial biosphere models across scales Abstract | Presentation 4MB
10:10a B R E A K

Session Theme: Year of Methane—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Ben Runkle

10:30a Gavin McNicol, FLUXNET methane synthesis activity: Objectives, Observations, and Future Directions Abstract | Presentation 3MB
10:45a Malte Julian Deventer, GEM: New Constraints on the Methane Budget for the US Corn Belt and Upper Midwest: Initial Results from the GEM Project Abstract | Presentation 4MB
11:00a Camilo Rey-Sanchez, An upscaling framework for methane emissions in an ombrotrophic peat bog in Ohio Abstract | Presentation 4MB

Session Theme: North American Forests—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Asko Noormets

11:15a Altaf Arain, Carbon and water exchanges in managed forests in North American cold region Abstract | Presentation pending
11:30a Hyojung Kwon, Influence of concurrence of extreme drought and heat events on carbon and energy fluxes in dominant ecosystems in the Pacific Northwest region Abstract | Presentation pending
11:45a John Frank, Recovery of subalpine forest ecosystems following insect and fire disturbance Abstract | Presentation 18MB
Noon L U N C H

Session Theme: Beyond Carbon—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Ankur Desai

1:10p Keynote: Angela Rigden, Estimating evapotranspiration from weather station data Abstract | Presentation 16MB
1:35p Gil Bohrer, The role of tree hydraulic traits in response to soil water availability Abstract | Presentation 25MB
1:50p Tomer Duman, The effect of land-cover conversions on surface temperature in semi-arid ecosystems at the Southwestern United States Abstract | Presentation 3MB
2:05p Natasha MacBean, Testing conceptual and mechanistic soil hydrology model simulations against observed water and carbon fluxes across semi-arid sites in the southwestern US Abstract | Presentation 25MB
2:20p B R E A K

Breakout and poster session

2:35p Intro to Breakout sessions
2:45p Breakout session #1—Zebendon Room
3:45p Breakout session #2—Hansen Room
4:45p Poster session / vendor displays—The Great Room
Poster Ignite Sessions [One minute each]
Keynote Poster: Susana Alvarado, “First results & challenges of a new MexFlux site: Puerto Morelos Mangrove”
7p D I N N E R (sign up for pre-made reservations around town)

Thursday, October 25

Abstracts and presentations are now being assembled; check back to see updates.

7:30a B R E A K F A S T (provided)
7:45a Core Site Meeting—Duke West/East Room
8:40a Quick Announcements • Solicit Suggestions • Concerns for the AmeriFlux Townhall (AGU Dec 2018)—Duke West/East Room

Session Theme: Regional Studies—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Marcy Litvak

8:45a Keynote: Alessandro Carioca de Araujo, Accessing carbon, water and energy land-atmosphere exchanges in wet and seasonally dry forests in the Amazon Abstract | Presentation pending
9:05a Mallory Barnes, Flashy, patchy and coupled: refined dryland carbon flux predictions developed from the North American Southwest reveal altered global dryland dynamics Abstract | Presentation pending
9:20a Ankur Desai, The infinite flux tower project: Introducing the Chequamegon Heterogeneous Ecosystem Energy-balance Study Enabled by a High-density Extensive Array of Detectors (CHEESEHEAD19) Abstract | Presentation 50MB
9:35a Breakout session #3—Cook East
10:40a B R E A K

Wrap-up session—Duke West/East Room

Chair: Trevor Keenan

11a Breakout session reports to group, panel discussion
Noon L U N C H (provided) [AmeriFlux SSC meeting]
1:30p Nikolay Balashov, The Indianapolis Flux Experiment (INFLUX): A city-sized, flow-through flux chamber Abstract | Presentation pending
1:45p Forward! Action items for AmeriFlux Network and AmeriFlux Management Project
3:00p Instrument Demos (vendors and community scientists)
4p Meeting adjourns!