Data Policy

The AmeriFlux Network data offered on this website are contributed by individual AmeriFlux scientists, who share their data openly with the global community.

AmeriFlux Data Use Policy

The AmeriFlux policy is that all data should be properly acknowledged, and that data contributors should have the opportunity to make an intellectual contribution to the papers that use their data and as a result have the opportunity to be a co-author.

When you use AmeriFlux data:

Inform the AmeriFlux scientist(s) who contributed the data how you plan to use the data and of any publication plans.

Initiate contact with the data contributor, so that they have the opportunity to contribute substantively and as a result to be a co-author.

Acknowledge AmeriFlux data by citing the relevant DOI or paper(s), and/or acknowledging funding for the site support. If the data download was not accompanied by the preferred acknowledgment language, ask the site principal investigator.

Acknowledge the AmeriFlux data resource as “funding for AmeriFlux data resources was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.”

AmeriFlux Data Contributor Policy

When you contribute data to the AmeriFlux Network, you agree:

That these data will be made available to the global AmeriFlux user community under the AmeriFlux Data Use Policy (above).

That these data will be made available to the FLUXNET community under the FLUXNET Data Use Policy, which has the same protocols as AmeriFlux.

To maintain your site metadata (using relevant BADM worksheets).

To tend your site instrumentation to assure quality data.

This AmeriFlux data-sharing and data-archiving policy complies with the U.S. DOE Office of Science’s Statement on Digital Management:

Sharing and preserving data are central to protecting the integrity of science by facilitating validation of results and to advancing science by broadening the value of research data to disciplines other than the originating one and to society at large. To the greatest extent and with the fewest constraints possible, and consistent with the requirements and other principles of this Statement, data sharing should make digital research data available to and useful for the scientific community, industry, and the public.