Methane Flux Community Participants

  • Baldocchi, Dennis
    [email protected]

    University of California Berkeley
    measuring methane fluxes across a network of restored wetlands in California
    US-Bi2, US-Myb, US-Snd, US-Sne, US-Snf, US-Tw1, US-Tw2, US-Tw3, US-Tw4, US-Tw5

  • Bengtsson, Carl
    [email protected]

    Low cost sensors, NDIR
    01-All, 02-None, 03-Other, AR-TF1, AR-TF2, BR-CMT, BR-CST, BR-Cui, BR-Ma2, BR-Npw
    Keywords: NDIR

  • Bohrer, Gil
    [email protected]

    Ohio State University
    Fluxes through vegetation, microbial community activity. Multi-scale observations and scaling from plant-scale to patch scale to wetland scale. Modeling at a wetland vegetation-patch scale, equivalent to forest plant functional type. Large-eddy simulation based footprints and sub-mesoscale circulation around wetlands and lake
    US-ORv, US-OWC
    Keywords: genomics, large eddy simulations, modeling, vegetation, Vegetation fluxes

  • Chan, Stephen
    [email protected]

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    As a member of the AmeriFlux Tech Team, I'm interested in how the team can assist in advancing CH4 measurements and/or ancillary measurements.

  • Dengel, Sigrid
    [email protected]

    Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
    Running two eddy flux sites in Alaska, one near Barrow (polygon tundra) and one in subarctic tussock tundra near Council in western Alaska. Both are on continuous permafrost.
    Keywords: Arctic, Carbon dioxide, eddy flux, methane, polygon tundra, subarctic, tundra, tussock tundra

  • Desai, Ankur
    [email protected]

    University of Wisconsin-Madison
    PI of CH4 fluxes at US-Los, Us-PFa, and soon to be US-ALQ. Contributor to Knox, Jackson et al Moore foundation wetland methane synthesis. Participant of USGS Powell Center on methane fluxes.
    US-ALQ, US-Los, US-PFa

  • GUNTURU, Vamsi Krishna
    [email protected]

    Indian Institiute of Technology, Bombay

    01-All, 02-None, 03-Other, BR-CMT, BR-Cui, BR-Ma2, BR-Sa1, BR-Sa3, CA-ARB, CA-ARF

  • Keenan , Trevor
    [email protected]

    Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
    Synthesis and scaling.
    Keywords: carbon, Ch4, photosynthesis, scaling, wetlands

  • Knox, Sara
    [email protected]

    The University of British Columbia
    I study CH4, CO2, water and energy exchange in restored and natural wetlands. I am broadly interested in the impacts of climate variability and land-­use change on land-­atmosphere exchanges of water, energy, and trace gases. I also seek to understand how ecosystem responses to global change can feedback to slow or accelerate future climate change.
    Keywords: climate change, eddy covariance, greenhouse gases, methane, wetlands

  • Lapham, Laura
    [email protected]

    University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
    I work in the Mackenzie River Delta to understand the processes leading to methane release from the lakes upon ice break up.