Land-Atmosphere Interactions Workshop – Agenda

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Thursday, June 10

8:00 AM8:00 AM11:00 AM12:00 PMIntroduction - Andrew Richardson
8:05 AM8:05 AM11:05 AM12:05 PMWelcome from DOE
8:10 AM8:10 AM11:10 AM12:10 PMBackground - Manuel Helbig
8:30 AM8:30 AM11:30 AM12:30 PMOverview Talks - Big Picture
Allison Steiner: Capturing feedbacks between the land surface and the atmosphere
Pierre Gentine: Large contribution of LA feedback on Net Biome Productivity Interannual Variability
9:20 AM9:20 AM12:20 PM1:20 PMBreakout
9:50 AM9:50 AM12:50 PM1:50 PMBreak
10:10 AM10:10 AM1:10 PM2:10 PMARM Overview
Jennifer Comstock: ARM Observations and Synergies for Land-Atmosphere Interactions and Boundary Layer Process Studies
10:30 AM10:30 AM1:30 PM2:30 PMOverview Talks - Instruments & RS
Chongai Kuang: Deployment of the 3rd ARM Mobile Facility to the SEUS: Critical “Surface-Up” Observations to Characterize LAI (Two-way) Controls on Boundary Layer Processes
Joe Santanello: Improved Observations of the PBL from Space and Impact on Land-Atmosphere Interactions
11:20 AM11:20 AM2:20 PM3:20 PMBreakout
11:50 AM11:50 AM2:50 PM3:50 PMBreak
12:10 PM12:10 PM3:10 PM4:10 PMOverview Talks - Modeling
Jordi Vila Guerau-de Arellano: Fine-scale modeling to integrate advanced observational techniques, scales and processes
Ian Williams: Land-Atmosphere Interactions in Earth system models
1:00 PM1:00 PM4:00 PM5:00 PMBreakout
1:30 PM1:30 PM4:30 PM5:30 PMReport back from Breakouts
2:30 PM2:30 PM5:30 PM6:30 PMAdjourn / Optional ECS Happy Hour or Tea Time

Friday, June 11

7:30 AM7:30 AM10:30 AM11:30 AMEarly Career Social Event (repeated again at the end of the day)
8:30 AM8:30 AM11:30 AM12:30 PMOverview Talks - Water
Kirsten Findell: Land-Atmosphere Interactions: Process-level Understanding for Local to Regional Impacts
Kim Novick: Land cover change, ET, and energy balance: new opportunities to confront unresolved questions
9:20 AM9:20 AM12:20 PM1:20 PMBreakout
9:50 AM9:50 AM12:50 PM1:50 PMPoster Session
10:50 AM10:50 AM1:50 PM2:50 PMBreak
11:10 AM11:10 AM2:10 PM3:10 PMOverview Talks - Aerosols and Clouds
Celia Faiola: Plant-aerosol interactions in a changing climate
Jiwen Fan: Aerosol-boundary layer-cloud interactions
12:00 PM12:00 PM3:00 PM4:00 PMBreakout
12:30 PM12:30 PM3:30 PM4:30 PMBreak
12:50 PM12:50 PM3:50 PM4:50 PMReport back from Breakouts
1:50 PM1:50 PM4:50 PM5:50 PMOpen Discussion - Future Directions
2:30 PM2:30 PM5:30 PM6:30 PMEarly Career Social Event (repeat event from morning)