Workshop format – breakouts and poster session

Breakout discussions

Breakout discussion sessions will be a central part of this workshop. They will follow each set of talks and serve to identify emerging opportunities for new research. Each discussion group will have a dedicated facilitator and a note taker and time is reserved for reporting back to the whole audience. Based on your preference and availability collected through the registration form, we will assign attendees to breakout groups, which will remain in their cohort throughout the workshop. Active participation from all attendees in the discussions will make this workshop successful.

We highly recommend that you update your zoom client to the latest version before the workshop, to enable you to select the right breakout room.

Poster Session – information for poster presenters

A poster session is planned for June 11, 9:40AM – 10:40AM Pacific Time. The session will be held in an interactive virtual environment using the gather platform, which allows connecting via video chat to discuss your research, provide a space where you can run into old friends or meet new people with new ideas.

The deadline for both abstract and poster submission will be May 25.

Abstract submission form

Please send your poster as png or jpeg file (<10MB) to [email protected]

Advice for designing your poster:

  • We don’t have a required poster template.
  • When attendees walk through the virtual poster room, the top ~1000 pixels of the poster are shown in a small preview screen. As poster author, you may wish to optimize the top area to provide a useful preview and draw attendees to your poster.
  • Use short section headings or consider numbering your sections. When you explain your poster, you won’t be able to point to the part that you want to emphasize, so need to tell your colleague which section to look at.
  • Send us a jpeg or png file, maximum size is 15 MB. If you can, make the file smaller. Smaller files (<10 MB) load faster on most computers/for people with slower internet. This makes it easier for people to look at your work.
  • If this is your first poster ever, have a look at common advice for scientific posters. Most of the basic design principles still applies in this virtual conference. One thing that may be easier, is judging the appropriate size of figures and text. If it’s easily readable on your screen, then it will hopefully look the same on everyone else’s screen (although the virtual poster session allows viewers to zoom in, if needed).

Poster Session – information for attendees

Poster abstracts will be provided as a pdf booklet. The posters will be uploaded by the organizers into the virtual poster session.

We will provide more details and technical help about entering the virtual poster session on this page at a later date.