A big part of the AmeriFlux Management Project’s (AMP) mission is to provide data and technical support to a growing network. A recent meeting prompted us to reflect on lessons learned during the last 16 years where we have been involved in various ways, particularly the handling of AmeriFlux data.

Data contributors will do additional work if they see a benefit
We recently were able to expand the AmeriFlux FLUXNET data product to 112 sites. This was only possible with data providers submitting all required measurement heights and variable information, as well as electing CC-BY-4.0 as data use policy. Rewatch our webinar on how to get your sites ready for ONEFlux processing.

Data quality checks and feedback are a valuable service
By working closely with the research community, the data processing pipeline developed by AMP has enabled quality data to be made available and accessible. The data released has proven to be an important resource for the research community as seen by the increasing download numbers year-over-year. AMP continues their strong dedication towards enabling quality data by open sourcing the code for processing BASE data (available here).

Data contributors value academic credit and impact
Each data product from each site is assigned a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), facilitating better credit for data providers when their data is used in research. Through the online DOI editor (accessible via the BADM tab on the site info page), data providers can enter information for individual contributors, including start/end dates for each person’s tenure in the team. This contributor information is incorporated into the DOI citation. Learn more from the recording of our 2020 webinar.

Custom data usage policies can be difficult to support long term
In 2021, we started offering a CC-BY-4.0 license, in addition to what is now called the legacy data use policy. Over 400 sites have elected to share their data under CC-BY-4.0, and over 75% of the data in the AmeriFlux BASE product are available in CC-BY-4.0. Read more about the available data policies, and about our rationale for adding CC-BY-4.0.

Patience and trust are key to enabling change
Rolling out changes like data product DOIs for citations and CC-BY-4.0 policy take time and continuous improvements. The newest tool is the ability to download data product DOIs for a list of network sites from the site search, by exporting search results! If your site intends to make the switch to the CC-BY-4.0 data policy, please contact us via ameriflux-support@lbl.gov!

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