Dear Flux Community,

We are now soliciting abstracts and breakout session ideas for the 2023 AmeriFlux Annual Meeting! This meeting will be held October 4-6, with several additional offerings. Virtual participation will be free this year.

Meeting Days (detailed agenda coming soon):

October 3: Early Career Day (in-person)

October 4-6: Annual Meeting (in-person, with talks [and breakout sessions if possible] accessible through zoom)

October 10: Additional Virtual Poster session (all attendees welcome)

Call for Abstracts

These themes are of special interest this year, but all topics are welcome:
1) Remote sensing, e.g. SIF, linking ground based and satellite observations, Linking data across scales and methods
2) Methane, e.g. Methane in the tropics, methane sinks, methane pathways under various hydrologic, biologic, and soil conditions
3) Nature based climate solutions, carbon offset monitoring
4) Urban fluxes, challenges, opportunities, best practices, tower set up, data processing
5) Diverse ecosystems, understudied ecosystems, technical/scientific/logistical challenges
6) Data processing tools, visualizing, AI in flux data, novel modeling approaches, Issues around AI, open source code development
7) Alternative flux measurement techniques, non eddy-covariance approaches, trace gas techniques, underwater fluxes, low cost, low energy sensor techniques, stable isotopes
8) General Flux Science: submit your abstracts on any work relating to eddy covariance fluxes

Please submit your abstract here by July 23.

Call for Breakouts

We encourage you to submit ideas/discussion topics for Breakout sessions in order to have more interaction and collection of expertise and viewpoints represented at the meeting.

Please submit your breakout session proposal here by July 23.

Visit our meeting homepage for more information.

We look forward to seeing you (or your avatar) there!

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