Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee

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Who we are

The AmeriFlux DEI committee is a group of volunteers motivated to identify and tackle issues around diversity, equity, and inclusion. There are many organizations and institutes whose research focuses on these topics, so we hope to act as a link to share insights, news, and activities, as well as curate and collect best practices specific to this strongly field-driven and highly interdisciplinary community. We aim to provide practical resources, training, and discussion platforms for the AmeriFlux community across a range of aspects, such as to promote more inclusive hiring practices, field work suggestions, codes of conduct (for field work, lab environments, group activities and conferences), bystander intervention tactics, implicit bias awareness, as well as share research results on the situation and benefits of DEI in STEM fields.

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Current Activities


We launched our guidance for effective and inclusive job ads! Read more on this page and in this blog post.

We are planning a webinar series to highlight partnerships of flux or ecosystem sciences with indigenous groups and scholars. Announcement coming soon!


If you have thoughts, ideas, questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! The topics we take on are driven by member interest and volunteers to lead.

Past Activities


We are working on developing guidance for inclusive job postings.

We are contributing to the new Early Career Day (Oct 3), which precedes the AmeriFlux Annual Meeting.

We are discussing how to better highlight, acknowledge and support indigenous science in the AmeriFlux community.



Launch of the AmeriFlux Resource for Inclusive and Safe Fieldwork

We are hosting a workshop to roll out our Resource for Inclusive and Safe Fieldwork. March 16, 10AM-12PM Pacific Time – Watch the recording here.

We are analyzing results from the DEI and workplace climate survey.

Report from the committee at the Annual Meeting (watch here)

We ran a twitter campaign collecting reactions and impressions to typical language in job postings.


We hosted a panel discussion at the 2021 AmeriFlux Annual Meeting: “Awareness and Action for Inclusive Fieldwork“, with Rebecca Barnes, Peter Griffith, and Rodrigo Vargas

We facilitated a breakout discussion at the 2021 AmeriFlux Annual Meeting: Interactive brainstorming on challenging scenarios around fieldwork.

We developed a DEI and workplace climate survey and gathered responses (also see Current Activities).

We developed a Resource for Inclusive and Safe Fieldwork (also see Current Activities).


We adopted a Meeting Code of Conduct for AMP Workshops and Events.

As a precursor to the formation of the committee, we held breakout discussions at the 2020 AmeriFlux Annual Meeting and the AGU Town Hall.

Group Directory

NameRole in GroupAffiliation
Avni MalhotraCo-ChairPacific Northwest National Laboratory
Christin BuechnerCo-ChairLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Jeffrey AtkinsMemberUSDA Forest Service, Southern Research Station
Danielle ChristiansonMemberLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Ankur DesaiMemberUniversity of Wisconsin
Lisa HaberMemberVirginia Commonwealth University
Sparkle MaloneMemberYale University
Marguerite MauritzMemberUniversity of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)
Justine MissikMember
Bassil El MasriMemberMurray State University
Sophie RuehrMemberUC Berkeley
Zulia SanchezMember
Gregory StarrMember
Kosana SuvocarevMember
Alex ValachMemberBern University of Applied Sciences
Susanne WiesnerMember
Koong YiMemberLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Karem Meza CapchaMemberUtah State University
Jeremy ForsytheMemberClemson University
Yuomi OhMemberNOAA
Jiangong LiuMemberColumbia University
Ayo Andra DeasMemberCity University of New York
Andre SantosMemberLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory