AmeriFlux Resource for Inclusive and Safe Fieldwork

How to use this resource

All team members have a shared responsibility to maintain a safe and secure work environment. Field site PIs can use this resource to guide their field team to develop a field work safety plan and code of conduct, by doing the following steps:

  1. Access the slide deck here
  2. Create a copy for your site by selecting ‘File’>’Make a Copy’>’Entire Presentation’ or download as pptx or odp document.
  3. Determine topics on page 2 and 3 which apply to your field work environment and discussing each section within the group. The provided resources can help to facilitate discussion. Team members can take turns summarizing resources and facilitating discussion.
  4. Write a set of fieldwork conduct guidelines for your site or team. Feel free to use pages 4-6 of this resource as a template for a Checklist-format, or look at the appendix in the slide deck for more implementation ideas.
  5. Share the plan with your team before going to the field and make copies to keep on hand. We recommend to keep copies of page 5 in the field, or in vehicles, and pages 4 and 6 at the lab, office or where visits to the field site are planned, prepared, and debriefed.
  6. Emphasize that all team members have the right to speak up in uncomfortable or unsafe situations and that personal reasons for work accommodations are discussed in confidence. When members bring concerns forward, take care to react in a way that does not discourage them from speaking up in the future.
  7. Go over the safety plan and code of conduct at the beginning of each new field work season, or once a year. Update as necessary.

PS: for additional safety resources, listing typical hazards and mitigation, safety trainings and emergency response tips, go to our safety page.