AmeriFlux Resource for Effective and Inclusive Job Ads

Have you ever wondered whether your job postings could be more effective? Many hiring managers like to select from an applicant pool that is as broad as possible, to find someone great for the position. The AmeriFlux DEI committee has compiled best practices and tips to craft an effective job ad, to prevent potential applicants from screening themselves out and to provide enough information to attract a wide group of people. If your institution does not prescribe a specific format, you are welcome to use this editable template.

Additional context and resources

This resource was created in 2023 by AmeriFlux community members volunteering on the DEI committee. Thanks to the flux community for responding to the #FairJobsPostings survey campaigns, sharing their opinions and reactions to common job posting language.

Furthermore, many universities and organizations have guidelines and best practices for hiring. Find out if yours does!

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The ‘academic hiring bible’ Searching for Excellence & Diversity, by Eve Fine and Jo Handelsman