Patty Oikawa checking instrumentation at Twitchell East End Wetland (US-Tw4), September 2014

Good metadata management is especially important when data are shared across a large community.  Therefore, AmeriFlux is encouraging all sites to fill out an instrument operations (Instrument_Ops) BADM template within the next three months.

Both instrument BADM templates have recently been updated:

  • The updated Instrument_Ops template is designed for the submission of basic instrument operations including installations and removals
  • The updated Instrument template is designed for the submission of detailed instrument configuration information

Only the Instrument_Ops template is part of the current campaign.

  • If you have already submitted an Instrument_Ops OR Instrument template, you do not need to use the updated blank Instrument_Ops template. We will review and transfer the information you submitted to the updated Instrument_Ops template and get in touch with you if clarification is needed.
  • If you have started filling out the old versions of the templates, but not completed them, upload them now and we will transfer your information so that you can finish entering instrument metadata on the updated Instrument_Ops template.
  • If you have not yet entered any of your instrument metadata into a BADM templatedownload the Instrument_Ops template and follow the step-by-step instructions for filling it out. Upload completed templates here.

The metadata submitted via the Instrument_Ops template will be ingested into a common network-wide database and then made available to users. The standard metadata variables, variable definitions and units in the template will help make the metadata more accessible, and in turn help insure AmeriFlux data are used appropriately.

To get help filling out the Instrument_Ops template, see the list of common questions and answers or contact

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