The AmeriFlux QA/QC Tech Team is currently concluding the 2014 site visit season. 8 site visits have been completed and 1 more is scheduled.  This season, the team visited 4 sites for the first time (US-Dia, US-Cpk, US-Ha2, US-Myb). The visit to the Mayberry Wetland (US-Myb) was the inaugural deployment of the QA/QC methane flux system using an open path sensor (LICOR 7700). Future site visits will include methane fluxes for relevant sites.

The AmeriFlux QA/QC tech team has started to plan for the 2015 season. We target active AmeriFlux sites that have not been visited in 5+ years. If you have a site and would like to invite us for a visit, please contact In addition to conducting site visits, the Tech Team has been busy building calibration capabilities, partnering with vendors for sensor evaluations, and collaborating with other Flux networks. We will elaborate in coming blog posts. Stay tuned.

Map: AmeriFlux Tech Team's QA/QC site visits, 2014

AmeriFlux Tech Team’s QA/QC site visits, 2014


Table of 2014 site visits conducted by the AmeriFlux QA/QC tech team:

# Name State ID Dates
1 Diablo CA US-Dia March 19 – April 1
2 ARM-SGP OK US-ARM April 21 – May 1
3 Chimney Park WY US-CPk June 16-26
4 Harvard Forest MA US-Ha1 July 8-17
5 Harvard Forest, Hemlock MA US-Ha2 July 9-18
6 Mead NE US-NE1 July 30 – August 10
7 Mayberry CA US-Myb Sept 8 – October 3
8 Wind River WA US-Wrc Sept 29 – Oct 13
9 Austin Cary FL US-SP1 Nov 4-14


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