As part of the theme year action for the Year of Remote Sensing, we introduce a new resource page added to the AmeriFlux website: Remote Sensing Products. In this resource, you find specs and links for widely-used remote sensing sensors and datasets, relevant to terrestrial ecosystem research. The resource is to help the flux community get started with research using remote sensing. Did we forget a data product? Reach out to

To access the page, click the “Resources” tab on the menu bar and select “Remote Sensing Products” (see image below).

The Remote Sensing Projects page is located under the Resources tab.

You can also access the page by visiting the following link:


How to use:

  • The interactive table on the resource page describes some of the common remote sensing platforms, sensors, or missions ranging from space-born to ground-based measurements, including,
    • Spatial resolution & coverage
    • Temporal resolution & coverage
    • Links to information about platforms/sensors
    • Links to data products
  • The information is categorized by scientific and application areas.
    • Land surface
    • Vegetation
    • Water
    • Greenhouse gases
    • Light
  • Use the dropdown menus to apply filters.

[Animated demo] Use the dropdown menus to select the information you are interested in.

  • Use the Search box to filter rows containing specific word(s).

[Animated demo] Enter keywords into the Search box to find the information you are interested in.

  • You can click the words in the “Link to…” columns to visit external websites for more information.
  • “Export to CSV file” and “Print” to PDF options are available below the table.
  • Number of rows per page to display can be adjusted.

Hope you enjoy it!

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