Flux-met data Format QA/QC is fully automated. Instead of receiving feedback within a business day, uploaders will now receive Format QA/QC results shortly after uploading flux-met data on the AmeriFlux website.

Keep the feedback coming! The AmeriFlux Data Team will solicit feedback about Format QA/QC automation described in this post at the annual AmeriFlux meeting on September 17-19 in Boulder, CO.

Format QA/QC is the first step in AmeriFlux BASE QA/QC processing.

What does this change entail?

  1. An automated “QAQC-#### Format Results” email will be sent to the uploader shortly after upload. The email contains:
    • Overall Status | Action for each file in the upload.
    • A link to the online Format QA/QC report for each file in the upload.

    Note: This automated email will replace Format QA/QC Results emails that contained detailed results.

  2. Uploaders should review the online Format QA/QC report for files with Overall Status | Action (3 in the image below):
    • PASS | Review Recommended.
    • PASS | Autocorrections made. Review Recommended.
    • FAIL | Replacement file required.

    Use details in Autocorrections and Test Results (highlighted in the image below) to determine any corrections needed.

Revamped online Format QA/QC email reports key statuses
The revamped online Format QA/QC email reports key statuses: (3) Overall Status | Action, (2) Autocorrected File Status (if attempted), and (1) Uploaded File Status. Autocorrections, if attempted, are reported as well as the individual Format QA/QC Test Results.

If a replacement file is needed, upload the corrected file at Upload Data. Required FP-In format instructions for uploading AmeriFlux flux-met data are available here.

View instructions for using the new report as well as information about the Format QA/QC process at Format QA/QC Report and in the “How to Use this Report” link at the top of each report.

Instructions for how to use the Format QA/QC Report
Instructions for how to use the Format QA/QC Report illustrates various pathways from initial upload to the Overall Status | Action.

Contact the AmeriFlux Data Team at ameriflux-support@lbl.gov with any questions or comments.

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