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Woody Plant Encroachment Has A Larger Impact Than Climate Change On Dryland Water Budgets
Schreiner-McGraw, A. P., Vivoni, E. R., Ajami, H., Sala, O. E., Throop, H. L., Peters, D. P.

Journal: Scientific Reports, Volume 10 (1): (2020). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

On The Sensitivity Of Hillslope Runoff And Channel Transmission Losses In Arid Piedmont Slopes
Schreiner‐McGraw, A. P., Vivoni, E. R.

Channel transmission losses alter the streamflow response of arid and semiarid watersheds and promote focused groundwater recharge. This process has been primarily studied in dryland channels draining large areas that are displaced away from hillslope runoff generation. In contrast, small watersheds on arid piedmont slopes allow …

Journal: Water Resources Research, Volume 54 (7): 4498-4518 (2018). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

Shrubland Carbon Sink Depends Upon Winter Water Availability In The Warm Deserts Of North America
Biederman, J. A., Scott, R. L., Arnone III, J. A., Jasoni, R. L., Litvak, M. E., Moreo, M. T., Papuga, S. A., Ponce-Campos, G. E., Schreiner-McGraw, A. P., Vivoni, E. R.

Journal: Agricultural And Forest Meteorology, Volume 249: 407-419 (2018). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

Percolation Observations In An Arid Piedmont Watershed And Linkages To Historical Conditions In The Chihuahuan Desert
Schreiner-McGraw, A. P., Vivoni, E. R.

A critical hydrologic process in arid and semiarid regions is the interaction between ephemeral channels and groundwater aquifers. Generally, it has been found that ephemeral channels contribute to groundwater recharge when streamflow infiltrates into the sandy bottoms of channels. This process has traditionally been studied in channels …

Journal: Ecosphere, Volume 8 (11): e02000 (2017). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

Impact Of Land Surface States Within The Flux Footprint On Daytime Land-Atmosphere Coupling In Two Semiarid Ecosystems Of The Southwestern U.S.
Anderson, C. A., Vivoni, E. R.

Land surface states play important roles in the turbulent exchanges between ecosystems and their overlying atmosphere. Field methods to estimate turbulent fluxes have time‐variable source areas, while land surface observations are typically obtained at single plots with a smaller measurement scale. In this study, we characterize …

Journal: Water Resources Research, Volume 52 (6): 4785-4800 (2016). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

Closing The Water Balance With Cosmic-Ray Soil Moisture Measurements And Assessing Their Relation To Evapotranspiration In Two Semiarid Watersheds
Schreiner-McGraw, A. P., Vivoni, E. R., Mascaro, G., Franz, T. E.

Soil moisture dynamics reflect the complex interactions of meteorological conditions with soil, vegetation and terrain properties. In this study, intermediate-scale soil moisture estimates from the cosmic-ray neutron sensing (CRNS) method are evaluated for two semiarid ecosystems in the southwestern United States: a mesquite savanna …

Journal: Hydrology And Earth System Sciences, Volume 20 (1): 329-345 (2016). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2

On The Observed Hysteresis In Field-Scale Soil Moisture Variability And Its Physical Controls
Mascaro, G., Vivoni, E. R.

The spatiotemporal variability of soil moisture (θ) has rarely been studied at the field scale across different seasons and sites. Here, we utilized 9 months of θ data in two semiarid ecosystems of North America to investigate the key relationship between the spatial mean (〈θ〉) and standard deviation (σ θ ) at the field-scale …

Journal: Environmental Research Letters, Volume 11 (8): 084008 (2016). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2, US-SRS

High-Resolution Characterization Of A Semiarid Watershed: Implications On Evapotranspiration Estimates
Templeton, R. C., Vivoni, E. R., Méndez-Barroso, L. A., Pierini, N. A., Anderson, C. A., Rango, A., Laliberte, A. S., Scott, R. L.

The North American monsoon (NAM) contributes roughly half of the annual precipitation in the Chihuahuan Desert from July to September. Relatively frequent, intense storms increase soil moisture and lead to ephemeral runoff. Quantifying these processes, however, is difficult due to the sparse nature of existing observations. This …

Journal: Journal Of Hydrology, Volume 509: 306-319 (2014). DOI: Sites: US-Jo2