The Northern Research Station is announcing an upcoming vacancy for a Meteorologist (GS-1340-9/11) or Ecologist (GS-0408-9/11) position that will provide science and science support to the Center for Research on Ecosystem Change in the Northern Research Station. The position is a permanent appointment with a full-time tour of duty, stationed in Grand Rapids, MN. United States citizenship required.

Job Description:
The primary duty will be to operate, maintain, troubleshoot, summarize data and publish papers on the eddy covariance system located at the Bog Lake peatland on the Marcell Experimental Forest. Secondary duties will include support and cooperation with Forest Service and collaborating scientists from universities and other agencies. The individual will supervise and participate in the installation and maintenance of various studies and collection of data including soil, hydrological, and geological data, gas flux and biogeochemical data, and plant data. The individual will determine ecosystem carbon fluxes using gas flux measurements, belowground measurements, climate data and eddy covariance technology. The individual will perform or supervise laboratory preparation of field samples and field data collection. They will insure the integrity of data for a variety of studies by following approved QA/QC procedures. They will summarize and analyze data using a variety of statistical techniques, including ANOVA, regression, and software, including SAS, and Sigma-Plot. The individual will assist scientists in the preparation of manuscripts, proposals, study plans and presentations. They will coordinate the work of technicians, temporary employees, and graduate students and assist with technology transfer including presentations, workshops, and demonstrations.

Knowledge Required:
Substantial knowledge of the technical aspects of measuring carbon fluxes with eddy covariance techniques. Ability to design and organize project objectives and select alternative work processes. The individual must have the ability to train and supervise field crews and laboratory staffs, follow safety and health procedures, and write technical reports and manuscripts. Knowledge of computer functions related to data input, retrieval, analysis of data, and management of resulting datasets is required. The individual must have the ability to operate motor vehicles and other motorized equipment, and to use hand tools and forestry and laboratory instruments.

To Express Interest:
To learn more about the job duties or other questions about the position, contact Randy Kolka at (218) 326-7115 (e-mail: If you are interested in this position, please fill out the outreach notice in this listing’s pdf. Once the position is advertised in USAJOBS, we will notify you by email.


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