We use remote sensing for several applications, including radiation modeling and canopy monitoring. Remotely-sensed data is passed into our data processing pipeline, and combined with our ground-based energy flux sensor data, to produce features such crop water use (i.e, evapotranspiration) and crop stress measurements.

You will work on projects such as evaluating and improving models for measuring canopy size, surface reflectance, and solar radiation. You will also help engineer the data processing pipeline to process large amounts of image data continuously at scale.

To thrive in this role you will need to be proficient in remote sensing, crop modeling, micrometeorology, and image processing. You will also need the software engineering skills to translate your work into a production data processing pipeline. Of course, you will need to learn some of these skills at Tule, but relevant experience is required.

Schedule: Application close date – August 31, 2016.


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