The AmeriFlux FLUXNET data product generated by the AmeriFlux Management Project (AMP) is now available to download for 21 sites (and counting) via Download Data.   The AmeriFlux FLUXNET data… More

Carbon dynamics and greenhouse fluxes in a Florida native rangeland. The Science: Grazing lands, including both rangeland and pastureland, cover about 10.7 Mha in Southeastern United States; have a significant… More

Feature photo: Jeff Miller, University of Wisconsin-Madison Communications The English word “scale” has a surprisingly broad range of definitions. Whether you think of the scales of a fish, the scale… More

The encroachment of woody species such as mangrove invading coastal marshes is expected to change the carbon storage in the soils and biomass as well as exchanges with the atmosphere.

  1. Contrasting long-term temperature trends reveal minor changes in projected potential evapotranspiration in the US Midwest By Bruno Basso et al. ( “From historical summer climate trends of the… More