2016 AmeriFlux Data & Tech Workshop

September 21, 2016

Flux tower US-NR1, 2012. Credit Sean Burns. Quaking aspen on slopes at Niwot Ridge. Credit Sean Burns. 2012 Flux tower US-NR1 - instruments. Sean Burns 2014

At Mountain Research Station and Niwot Ridge

Thank you to our Niwot Ridge hosts, Peter Blanken and Sean Burns!

To make suggestions, contact the organizers Sébastien Biraud (Tech) and Deb Agarwal (Data). Your suggestions are always very welcome!

  • No registration fee for the AmeriFlux Data and Tech Workshop!
  • Lodging: Stay for the night of September 20 at Moores-Collins Family Lodge at the Mountain Research Station. No charge! There’s lots of room. Four beds (bunks) to a room; bring your sleeping bag or bedding. Email Susan Sprinkle if you plan to stay at the Lodge.
  • Or if you prefer, book a motel room in nearby Nederland CO.
  • Transport: Due to the location, please rent a vehicle (feel free to carpool with others).  Shuttles are not practical.  Also, it’s wildfire season; best to have plenty of vehicles in case of need for an orderly evacuation.
  • A 5pm departure will provide plenty of time for you to arrive for the AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting dinner at 7pm in Golden.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016—evening

pizzaOffering pizza and beverages to those at Mountain Research Station!


Wednesday, September 21, 2016, 8am to 5pm

Hiking to tower US-NR1. Credit Sean Burns/Peter Blanken. 2015  Morning—Hike!

  • 8am – Introductions, then trek to Niwot Ridge‘s AmeriFlux tower, US-NR1
  • 10am – What is the science at Niwot Ridge? – Peter Blanken
  • 10:20am – Typical site visit: what to expect and how to prepare – Sigrid Dengel
  • 10:35am – Tower safety demo at the tower – Stephen Chan
  • 10:50am – Hike (down hill!) to Mountain Research Station
  • Noon – Lunch at Mountain Research Station
  • 12:30 – Grounding and lightning protection: best practices and shared experience – Chad Hanson
  • 12:50pm – AmeriFlux’s loaner program (sonic, IRGAS, radiation sensors) and profiling system – Sébastien Biraud
  • 1:10pm – A walk-through of a Tech Team site visit. What we do, what site staff want, what we will add. How we use Eddy Pro. Gold files—All Tech Team members
  • 1:25pm – Short break
  • 1:40pm – Submission and processing of high-frequency data to AmeriFlux—Gilberto Pastorello
  • 1:55pm – Changes to AmeriFlux Data Pipeline—Deb Agarwal
  • 2:15pm – Half-hourly processed data submission format and variable naming—Gilberto Pastorello and You-Wei Cheah
  • 3:25pm – A-Z Workflow for Niwot Ridge—Sean Burns
  • 3:55pm – Secondary QA/QC—Housen Chu
  • 4:25pm – BADM forms and web submission (e.g., DOI, Disturbance, Veg Cover) –  Deb Agarwal and Megha Sandesh
  • 4:45pm – Topic to be determined by participants! (Site gap-fill?)

A 5pm departure will provide plenty of time for you to arrive for the AmeriFlux Annual PI Meeting dinner at 7pm in Golden.

Note:  About the Hike: be aware that this is at high elevation—10,000 feet.  The first part is strenuous, though time to hike is generous.  We might be able to drive a few people part way.  There is still a 20 min walk on a flat trail for the last stage. Let us know if you may need assistance.

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