2016 AmeriFlux Data & Tech Workshop – Participants

Last updated 9/15/2016

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Name Organization Email
Deb Agarwal LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Michael Benson Indiana University [email protected]
Erin Berryman USGS – Denver [email protected]
Joydeep Bhattacharjee University of Louisiana Monroe [email protected]
Dave Billesbach University of Nebraska [email protected]
Sebastien Biraud LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Peter Blanken University of Colorado [email protected]
Ivan Bogoev Campbell Scientific [email protected]
Ross Bryant USDA-ARS [email protected]
Sean Burns Univ of Colorado [email protected]
Victor Cassella Kipp & Zonen [email protected]
Stephen Chan LBNL/AMP [email protected]
You-Wei Cheah LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Housen Chu UC Berkeley [email protected]
Steven Crisp University of New Mexico [email protected]
Bryan Curtis University of Colorado [email protected]
Jared DeForest U.S. Dept of Energy [email protected]
Sigrid Dengel LBNL/AMP [email protected]
David Durden NEON [email protected]
John Frank U.S. Forest Service [email protected]
Jonathan Furst NC State University [email protected]
Peter Ganzlin USDA-ARS [email protected]
Chad Hanson Oregon State University [email protected]
Greg Holling NEON [email protected]
Holly Hughes University of Maine [email protected]
Dave Johnson LI-COR [email protected]
Trevor Keenan LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Hongyan Luo NEON [email protected]
William Massman U.S. Forest Service [email protected]
Stefan Metzger NEON [email protected]
Bobby Mullin University of New Mexico [email protected]
Scott Ollinger University of New Hampshire [email protected]
Andrew Ouimette University of New Hampshire [email protected]
Dario Papale University of Tuscia DIBAF [email protected]
Gilberto Pastorello LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Natchaya Pingintha-Durden NEON [email protected]
Marilyn Saarni LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Babak Safa Daugherty Water for Food Global Institute [email protected]
Megha Sandesh LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Srikanta Sannigrahi Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur [email protected]
Todd Schimelfenig University of Nebraska Lincoln [email protected]
Susan Sprinkle LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Ellen Stuart-Haentjens Virginia Commonwealth University [email protected]
Cove Sturtevant NEON [email protected]
Kosana Suvocarev University of Arkansas [email protected]
Aaron Teets University of Maine [email protected]
Natalia Tonti University of Buenos Aires [email protected]
Margaret Torn LBNL/AMP [email protected]
Quan Zhang Indiana University Bloomington [email protected]


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