Backup service for high-frequency data, pictures, field notebooks, etc.

Back up your AmeriFlux site’s high-frequency data, site pictures, field notebooks, and other data using AmeriFlux’s backup service.

AmeriFlux Management Project offers a useful resource to all AmeriFlux sites: backup of high-frequency data and many other kinds of information related to the site. These can include photos of your site, scanned pdfs of your handwritten field notebook pages, and other kinds of data

Only the team uploading the data has access to the backups; these files are not published in any form. This makes it easy to have an off-site, redundant copy of your site’s data. It also improves resiliency against equipment failures and other forms of unexpected data loss.

Secure Copy (SCP) / Secure FTP (SFTP) are used for data transfers and allow for handling of large volumes of data. Information on how to set up data transfers is at this link.

If you have any questions or need help with these data transfers, please contact

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    • Gilberto Pastorello

      Yes, as long as they are about the site, videos can be in the backups. While our system can handle larger files, we recommend using sizes 67GB or less for a single file. We sized our storage for data amounts generated by typical sites. If you think your data might be too large, please let us know before starting your uploads. You can reach us at

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