Koen Hufkens shared his implementation of a toolbox focused on exploring and visualizing AmeriFlux site data. Please see his announcement and links to his original post and the AmerifluxR software package below.


Visualization of yearly NEE for US-Ha1 using AmerifluxR

I recently finished a first iteration of AmerifluxR, a R toolbox for Ameriflux data exploration / visualization.

A quick writeup can be found on my website:

The toolbox can be downloaded by following the instructions on my github page:

Feature requests and bug reports can be posted on github as well. Windows support should be ok, but might contain more bugs due to more limited access to a Windows system.

I hope this is of use to some.


Dr. Koen Hufkens

Harvard University
Department of Organismic & Evolutionary Biology
Richardson Lab

@koen_hufkens – www.khufkens.com
Find the Rhythm of Tropical Trees – www.junglerhythms.org

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