AmeriFlux Tech 2016 Site Visits (map)

2016 AmeriFlux Tech Site Visits

The AmeriFlux Tech Team has completed another successful site visit season. This year, eight (8) site visits were completed. Here are a few images from the site visits.

The Tech Team is planning for the 2017 site visit season. If you would like to learn more about site visits and what to expect, please see our updated site visit page for more information.

Table of 2016 site visits conducted by the AmeriFlux Tech team:

# Name State ID Dates
1 Tonzi CA US-Ton April 12-25
2 Mountainair Pinyon Juniper NM US-Mpj May 9-20
3 Mer Bleue ON CA-Mer June 16-29
4 Kellogg, Lux Arbor Prairie MI US-KL3 July 6-18
5 Howland ME US-Ho1 August 11-22
6 Bartlett NH US-Bar August 9-19
7 GLEES WY US-GLE Sept 6-19
8 Audubon AZ US-Aud Sept 6-16

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  1. Holly Hughes

    Nice photos and really nice to see you at our little piece of forest paradise. Noticed the Bartlett & Howland states are swapped in above table. Thank you!

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