Thank you for attending the 2021 AmeriFlux Annual Meeting! All of you made possible a wonderful 3 day conference, in which we enjoyed catching up with colleagues, meeting new ones, and brainstorm new directions for high impact science around eddy covariance fluxes.

We’d like to thank the speakers, panelists, breakout leads, poster presenters, and everyone of the attendees for taking the time to contribute to this meeting.

Where do we go from here?
  • please take 5 minutes to help us make the next meeting even better with this survey
  • join us for one of the upcoming events later this year, we are working on an Onboarding webinar for new site PIs, a Year of Water webinar on Soil water content and water potential: Applications for Flux community and a special ET workshop in November. Stay tuned!
  • follow @AmeriFlux on Twitter for updates
  • watch the recorded presentations from last week on our YouTube channel
  • feel free to browse the poster session anytime. It will stay live until further notice
Take care and see you soon!
slide from AmeriFlux meeting, showing grid of zoom videos of participants, listing people and funding bodies to thank for a successful meeting: Speakers, Panelists, Breakout leads, Poster presenters, Organizers, all attendees, DOE, AMP
The organizing committee:
  • Co-Chair Paul Stoy, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Co-Chair Theresia Yazbeck, The Ohio State University
  • Co-Chair Enrico Yepez, Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora
  • Natasha MacBean, Indiana University
  • Sparkle Malone, Florida International University
  • Trevor Keenan, AMP LBNL
  • Christin Buechner, AMP LBNL

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