The AmeriFlux Site Search webpage has been updated to improve the data user experience. It’s now possible to search the 250-plus AmeriFlux sites with flux-met data by data variable and by year. All 460-plus sites can be searched by affiliated network. The new site search capabilities are the latest in a series of enhancements to the AmeriFlux website functionality that have been introduced by the AmeriFlux Team over the past year.

Danielle Christianson was part of the AmeriFlux Data Team responsible for these recent upgrades. “We are really excited about the new data availability site search function on the AmeriFlux website,” said Christianson. “It will allow users to more easily find the data needed for their analysis without having to download all the sites individually. Instead, they can search by any and all variables they need, as well as by years — save the results to a site set, and download data for that site set.”

Now with these updates to site search, a data user is able to search all of the sites that have methane flux data from 2017 and 2018, for example. The search criteria can be saved for later re-use or the results can be saved to a site set. The ability to search by data variable, year, and by affiliated network became reality today. The next step is integrating custom mapping tools with the site search results.

Here’s an example site search for methane data in years 2017-2018.

Visit Site Search
To search by data variable, year, or by associated network affiliation, visit the AmeriFlux Site Search page. Open Advanced Filters.

Filter by Data Variables and Years
Choose Flux/Met Measurements. Click Filter by Data Variables and Years. (Search Affiliated Networks under General.)

Select Data Variables and Years
Select the data variables of interest and/or enter the years. Any / All variables and years can be specified.

Search results include 21 sites
Search results indicate that 21 sites met the filters shown in Advanced Filters section.

A closer look at the results
A closer look at the sites with methane data published from years 2017-2018: Results shown in the table can be copied to the clipboard. Results can also be saved as Site Set, from which the sites can be loaded on to the Download Data page for efficient download.

Next steps include integration of custom mapping with search results.

Contact with any questions or comments.

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