When you start in-depth analysis that may result in a publication, contact the data contributors directly, so that they have the opportunity to contribute substantively and become a co-author.

AmeriFlux Legacy data follow these attribution guidelines:

  • Cite the relevant DOI and/or recommended paper(s). Each site’s DOI is listed on its Site General Info page, DOI tab. (See Sites Search.)
  • Acknowledge funding for site support. If the data download did not provide the preferred acknowledgment language, ask the site principal investigator.
  • List each site using its AmeriFlux Site ID, either in text or in supplementary material. For reproducibility, we recommend specifying the data-years used.
  • Acknowledge the AmeriFlux data resource: “Funding for AmeriFlux data resources was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science.”

Inform all data providers when publications are about to be published.