When you start in-depth analysis that may result in a publication, contact the data contributors directly, so that they have the opportunity to contribute substantively and become a co-author.

Data shared under the AmeriFlux Legacy Data Policy follow these attribution guidelines:

  • For each AmeriFlux site used: Provide a citation to the site’s data product that includes the data-product DOI and/or recommended publication.
  • Acknowledge funding for site support if it was provided in the data download information.
  • Acknowledge the AmeriFlux data resource: Funding for the AmeriFlux data portal was provided by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science.

The required citation with DOI and an email list of AmeriFlux PIs for the downloaded sites is provided to the data user with the data download. This information is also accessible via each site’s Site Info page (See Site Search).

Inform all data providers when publications are about to be published.