AmeriFlux CC-BY-4.0 License AmeriFlux Legacy Data Policy
Where can I find full details? The AmeriFlux Data Policy webpage.
How to cite the data? Cite data with the DOI provided during download or using Site Sets. Read policy at above link for full instructions. DOI information can also be found at a site’s AmeriFlux Site Info page. Visit Site Search to find sites.
How can I use these data? Any purpose.
Do I need to involve the Site Team? No.
But contacting the site is recommended to better understand the data.
Site PIs must be contacted and have the opportunity to contribute substantively and become a co-author.
What data are available? Sites that chose the AmeriFlux CC-BY-4.0 License.
The AmeriFlux Legacy Policy must be followed if data are combined with data from sites that require the AmeriFlux Legacy Policy.
All AmeriFlux sites.