US-UMB AmeriFlux tower, located at the University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS)

Decadal Synthesis Survey:
Insights from the Integration of Flux Observations with Ancillary Measurements, and Future Directions

Thursday-Friday, August 23-24
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Registration is now closed for the 2018 AmeriFlux Synthesis Workshop

Drawing upon the AmeriFlux community’s excellent suggestions for workshop topics, the theme of this two-day AmeriFlux synthesis workshop will be decadal synthesis, combined with the integration of flux measurements with other data sources (remote sensing, inventories, tree rings, phenology, etc.). We will also explore priorities for future eddy-covariance research, and outline a general synthesis of advances over the past decade.

We envisage that this workshop will provide opportunities for new synthesis groups to form and grow. Time for these discussions will be set aside.

Organizers for this workshop:  Chair Trevor Keenan, and Co-Chairs Dave Moore and Ankur Desai.

Note: For this workshop, AmeriFlux Management Project will cover costs for space, refreshments and logistical support. AMP will also be able to offer limited support for travel awards for those in need. It will be held at Berkeley Lab. Most attendees should expect to cover their own expenses for travel and lodging.

If you have any questions, contact Meeting Chair Trevor Keenan.


(Updated 6/6/2018)

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