2016 Audubon site visit (US-Aud).

A reminder that June 9, 2017, midnight EDT, is the deadline to submit your article for the Special AmeriFlux 20th Anniversary Issue in Agricultural and Forest Meteorology. Guest Editors are Ken Davis, Trevor Keenan, Kim Novick, and Margaret Torn.

Visit this page to submit. To make sure that Ag and Forest Met routes your submission to the AmeriFlux Special Issue, while you’re submitting your article, choose article type: “SI: AmeriFlux 20th anniversary.”

Note: If you are using data downloaded from one of the regional databases in your paper, please ensure that you are following the relevant data use policies. Regardless of requirements, it is always a good idea to let the site PIs know how you are using their measurements. You can quickly find site PI information in our new Site Info pages (see AmeriFlux’s Site Search or Site List).


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