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Radiative Forcing Of Methane Fluxes Offsets Net Carbon Dioxide Uptake For A Tropical Flooded Forest
Dalmagro, H. J., Zanella de Arruda, P. H., Vourlitis, G. L., Lathuillière, M. J., de S. Nogueira, J., Couto, E. G., Johnson, M. S.

Wetlands are important sources of methane (CH4) and sinks of carbon dioxide (CO2). However, little is known about CH4 and CO2 fluxes and dynamics of seasonally flooded tropical forests of South America in relation to local carbon (C) balances and atmospheric exchange. We measured net ecosystem fluxes of CH4 and CO2 in the Pantanal …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume 25 (6): 1967-1981 (2019), ISBN . DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14615 Sites: BR-Npw

Gap‐Filling Approaches For Eddy Covariance Methane Fluxes: A Comparison Of Three Machine Learning Algorithms And A Traditional Method With Principal Component Analysis
Kim, Y., Johnson, M. S., Knox, S. H., Black, T. A., Dalmagro, H. J., Kang, M., Kim, J., Baldocchi, D.

Methane flux (FCH4) measurements using the eddy covariance technique have increased over the past decade. FCH4 measurements commonly include data gaps, as is the case with CO2 and energy fluxes. However, gap‐filling FCH4 data are more challenging than other fluxes due to its unique characteristics including multidriver dependency, …

Journal: Global Change Biology, Volume : (2019), ISBN . DOI: 10.1111/gcb.14845 Sites: BR-Npw