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Cushion Bog Plant Community Responses To Passive Warming In Southern Patagonia
Pancotto, V., Holl, D., Escobar, J., Castagnani, M. F., Kutzbach, L.

Journal: Biogeosciences, Volume 18 (16): 4817-4839 (2021), ISBN . DOI: 10.5194/bg-18-4817-2021 Sites: AR-TF1

Cushion Bogs Are Stronger Carbon Dioxide Net Sinks Than Moss-Dominated Bogs As Revealed By Eddy Covariance Measurements On Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
Holl, D., Pancotto, V., Heger, A., Camargo, S. J., Kutzbach, L.

The near-pristine bog ecosystems of Tierra del Fuego in southernmost Patagonia have so far not been studied in terms of their current carbon dioxide (CO2) sink strength. CO2 flux data from Southern Hemisphere peatlands are scarce in general. In this study, we present CO2 net ecosystem exchange (NEE) fluxes from two Fuegian bog ecosystems …

Journal: Biogeosciences, Volume 16 (17): 3397-3423 (2019), ISBN . DOI: 10.5194/bg-16-3397-2019 Sites: AR-TF1, AR-TF2