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Impact of land use during winter on the balance of greenhouse gases
Posse, G., Lewczuk. N.A., Di Bella, C., Richter, K., Oricchio, P, Hilbert, J.

The increase in atmospheric greenhouse gases (GHGs) can be mitigated by capturing CO2 from the
atmosphere and/or by reducing their emissions. Replacing winter intercrop fallow by cover crops
(CCs) can sequester carbon and improve nitrogen use efficiency under proper management. We
monitored two cycles of a cash crop namely soybean …

Journal: Soil Use and Management, Volume 34 (4): 525-532 (2018), ISBN 10.1111/sum.12458. DOI: Sites: AR-CCa

CO2 And N2O Flux Balance On Soybean Fields During Growth And Fallow Periods In The Argentine Pampas—A Study Case
Lewczuk. N.A., Posse, G., Richter, K., Achkar, A.

The estimation of the GHG balance of agroecosystems is essential to evaluate the impact of agriculture on the composition of the atmosphere. Cultivated soils may act as a sink or a source of CO2 and usually emit N2O. The aim of the present study was to assess the CO2 and N2O balances, and to analyze the
relationships between N2O …

Journal: Soil And Tillage Research, Volume 169: 65-70 (2017), ISBN . DOI: Sites: AR-CCa